11 comments on “Acuatico Resort, Laiya, Batangas

  1. Hi chico! I agree with your assessment of Acuatico. The staff service there was simply great. We stayed for three days in the resort earlier this year and it was one of the most relaxing weekend I’ve had. It really helps to release stress when you are surrounded by efficient people who knows how to do their job.

    By the way, I think we stayed in the same room you got.

  2. Seems like a world-class resort. Service et al…You seem like a guy with a discriminating taste as well. Thanks for sharing…beautiful photographs!

  3. We’ve been really wanting to book there, and I’m glad you posted about it. Our only concern is the bathroom. I’ve been looking for reviews and most would say that the bathrooms are so small that some people had to take a bath sideways (lol).

    How true is this, anyone?

  4. Wow! Glad to hear that you enjoyed San Juan, Batangas. I’m from San Juan, Batangas — but honestly, I’ve never been into these blue-water-beaches in Laiya! I’m such a loser, I know.. By the way, the owner of Acuatico is my sister’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin (literally nothing to do with my family or related or whatever)! I’m just saying! 😉

    And don’t worry about the fully booked thingy — they are planning to have an ‘Acuatico 2’ with SPA!!! Kuya Noli should pay me for free advertisement! 😉

    Thanks…. Char

  5. Hi chico.. thanks for posting these pics of Acuatico. At least now, we have other options of weekend getaway!

  6. Hi Chico,

    Its great to have Acuatico be featured in your blog. How much room accomo?

    By the way, how can we book you for hosting a wedding? Can you email me the details?


  7. Hi Chico,
    We have such a definite review of Acuatico, its their excellent service that really WOWed me! It was 1st week of Feb 2010 when with my other 3 friends (well supposedly Boracay is our top list but since this 1 friend had so much commitments for that week she suggested to go to Laiya for it is closer and the beach is nice as well) So there, with our backpacks we just commute from Manila and took a jeepney from San Juan and told the driver to drop us in the very first resort in Laiya. We walked in the shoreside from Kabayan resort down to the Coral Beach and very disappointed for still we cant find a nice place to stay and the beach does’nt entice me at all. We were exhausted and tired when we sat on this benches near the beachfront. From there I saw that pool (well since I dont like the beach) and the place seems good from there we asked the guard of the said premise where we could book.
    The receptionist wa very polite and courteous and a bit puzzled because we came right from the beachfront, and we are all funny looking actually. They were fully-booked that time and we just waited till some visitors check-out. We had the Family Suite which is good for 4 people (and the only room available that time). Food is okay during lunch, the dinner buffet is okayish but the breakfast which is complimentary is sumptous and I really enjoyed it. The resort is a lot better compare to the rest of the resorts within the vicinity, but having been to Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Krabi and Phi-Phi Islands of Thailand and pretty much the entire Caribbean I can’t appreciate the water of Laiya. But not bad since its not too far from Manila. I enjoyed the stay because of the great service and the company of my good friends the most. I might come back but I still prefer to search for better and new places to stay.
    Nice photos Chic!

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