14 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That You Are Bisexual

  1. i had a beautiful female high school friend who when we went to college i learned had a girlfriend. so, i asked her how long she has been bi. she said she has been bi all along but it happened that she had bfs in hs. all of his bfs then were school heartthrobs kaya.

    i also have a female friend who talks to both guys and girls, on several occasions, pinagsasabay pa hehe

  2. #29 panalo! harhar
    i’m 30 and single. friends always ask me why so and one or two male friends even suggested that i might be into girls. No, i answered and firmly believed i spoke the truth. but one time, drunk at an all-girls drinking session, i find myself staring at my friends lips while she’s talking and felt a very strong urge to kiss her! but i still think i’m straight, pramis! ;D

  3. I’m proud to proclaim that I’m a bisexual. My first relationship is with a “lesbian” and after a year and half we broke up. Next a had boyfriends, mga 4 boyfriends. After that, maybe I was traumatized because they’re all “manloloko” and “babaero”, bumaliko nanaman ako. So now I’m back! Bisexual!!! I’m with my girlfriend for more than two years (and counting)..

  4. I am a proud bisexual.. I had boyfriends, but is more satisfied with girls.. 🙂 Coz they know , when, and how to do it.. 🙂 I am with my girl for 3 years and counting…

  5. pramis straight ako, pero i also find girls naked body overly attractive. cant help not to look on there big *toot*.

  6. habol ako sa top ten:

    “if you’re practicing ‘self-help’ and moaning brenda-brenda-brenda then reach the climax brenda-BRENDA-BRANDOOOON!!”

    hehehe, peace!

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