22 comments on “Back To The 80’s (CMMA Hall Of Fame)

  1. looking at the picture where you and cardinal rosales in it made me think… if only the good cardinal got a chance to listen to The Morning Rush! hahaha! you must know what i mean, hehe…

    congratulations Chico! congratulations RX!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Unfortunately lately I am usually asleep by the time it is being aired. I used to catch it all the time when it was still on the 6PM time slot. Nice to reminisce while listening to “BACK TO THE 80’s”! I love that show along with “THE MORNING RUSH”! Naks!!! MOre power to you and the rest of the RX staff!

  3. Congratulations Chico and to your Back to the 80’s and to Sir Raffy, dj Tom and to the Manila’s Hottest Monster Radio RX 93.1! \m/

  4. Congratulations !!!! ang gwapo ni mateo heheheh and chico ang ganda ng barong mo fit sa yo . . .mwah . . . mwah . . . mwah

  5. congrats to the back to the 80s team. 90s will be a sure hit. it’s our generation’s turn to show what 90s means to us. anyway, sana me podcast rin ito..it’s podcast worthy too you know.

  6. sayang walang speech – lagi ko kasi naririnig sa inyo if ever aakyat kayo ng stage eh idedeliver nyo sa Tagalog ang speech nyo kung sakali =)

    anyways congrats for that Hall of Fame award! keep it up!

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