17 comments on “The Top Ten Unexpected Places You Found Love

  1. the last one was really creepy. grabe. rape yun ah! parang apo na lang niya.haha walang hiya naman yung sa circumcision! mahilig sa pinagpala! nyahaha. the best sa akin yung ngumiti sa lrt dahil nakikinig sa inyo. may halong pambobola? nahaha. peace 😛

  2. I found love in Mc Donald’s Matalino St. Q.C. when my husband shared seats with me. He saw me crying because I just broke up with my ex-bf. He asked me if I was ok. Cyempre I burst into tears the moment I was asked those questions. Ayun, napatabi tuloy cya sakin kc nagtitinginan mga tao. Kala siguro pina-iyak nya ako. Hehehe. 2 weeks after that, I passed the medical boards and cyempre kme na; and after almost 4 years, we got married na. 😀

  3. Reading down the list, I was thinking I’d write a general, “Romantic…and Hot!” for all entries. That is, until I reached the last one which was really gross. So gross, it had to be true. Excuse me while I vomit…

  4. Ang kulit nito!!! lol! – “#29. Jerguin22 – My friend found love during a medical mission. They were offering free circumcision and he met a handsome 19-year-old who had the biggest he’d ever seen.”

  5. i found my first gay love in a high school brains contest. i was a senior, he was a junior. i won in the previous year and i was asked to interview the contestants that year. i fell for his british accent. haha we didn’t shack up. he was straight and i had to leave for a bigger city to go to uni.

    i found my my recent ex-bf in a chat room. he, a foreigner, wanted a companion for his one night only stay in manila and he chose me because i was the only one who didn’t ask for money. hahaha we had a nice run for four months.

  6. i met mine during a reflexology training! didn’t even thought we’d be a couple ’cause we were teasing him with someone else. 4 years na kami!:-)

  7. The last entry gave me an idea for a new top ten topic. “The Top Ten Stories how cougars found love”. now that would be very interesting and at the same time, creepy and spine-tingling. 🙂

  8. i found love inside a jeepney bound to Cubao, we both went down at LRT santolan station, and started a hearty conversation. we are now happily married with a wonderful daughter and expecting another baby after 5 months.

  9. Panalo yung number 2. Oh the things TMR can do… hehehehe

    Cud I suggest the following top ten topics:

    1. Ways to complete the statement “Kunsabagay, isa kang______, then explanation.”
    2. Signs that your relationship is nearing its end;
    3. Passenger/Commuter quotes;
    4. Ways to asnwer the question “What about us?”
    5. Funniest codenames in chatrooms;
    6. Moments where you were “too late” (kasama na yung late sa class, late sa work, or ’25 minutes too late’);
    7. Funny answers to serious questions;
    8. T-shirt quotes by men / women;

  10. I found love in school. Her mom introduced me to him… His mom was my professor that time. After four years, we got married. =)

  11. i found love at one of the jolibee stores. i was walking outside the store when i saw this cute girl giving toys for those who bought kiddie meal. i went in and bought one, then ask for her name and number. we didn’t last though. ^_^

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