56 comments on “Happy Birthday Delle! (2010)

  1. I’ll take this chance na rin to greet Del… na-late ako sa Twitter e 😦


    Dear Del, sorry my greeting is late 😦 but I’m glad it’s a different bday for you (I heard you said that on air kanina Ü). Really happy that you are happy ^_^ Thanks for always making me laugh and giving those advices and sharing those funny hirits almost every morning (with a great tagasalo or tagagatong na si Chico!) ^_^ More blessings for you, dear ^_^


    Thanks, Chico Ü

  2. Oh my.. Dell already has a boyfriend?!! Waaaaa!!

    Nabuhayan pag-asa ko magka boyfriend din! yes!

    Happy birthday, delle! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Delle!! May you have many more to come.. May God continue to
    bless you with more blessings and good health always!! My mornings are better
    because of you and Chico.. Thanks for making us laugh!!

    I’m soo happy for you! 🙂 Kakakilig ang show kanina..

  4. Oh geez! You got me too excited Chico!
    I wasn’t able to tune in today and unfortunately, Blue Ritz can’t update the podcasts yet.
    I can hardly wait to hear the podcast!

    Delle’s so gorgeous in the pic above 🙂
    Happy birthday Delle!

  5. Happy b-day Delle.. I was listening this morning through livestreaming and i must say chico was right it was different and the answer of Mr. T___, was so cute.:-) More power and happiness. Lablablab.

  6. Happy Birthday sa pinakafofyal na Dyosa ng FM!!!

    Wishing all the best for one (of only two!) of my favorite djs!

    Happy Birthday… Chico!

    ay mali, Delle pala 🙂

  7. i was tuned-in kanina. i don’t know delle personally but my heart is bursting with happiness for her like she’s my own. happy happy birthday, delle.

  8. Not just the love that jumps up and down for joy … in and out and in and out and all around!!! ang saya pag ganyan. haha.

    happy birthday to IDOL Delle!!

  9. hi chico! been a silent rusher since 2001, enjoying & loving your show through the years. i make it habit of listening to it everyday especially on my way to work. both you and delle has become my coffee that wakes me up and starts up my day especially your daily top 10’s.

    btw, was able to catch this morning’s show and i must say, Delle sounded so “kilig” today. di masyadong obvious, hehehe…and my favorite line for the day: “you learn to listen even if you dont want to..” (or something to that sort)…

    happy birthday delle… stay happy 🙂

    lastly, i love your blogs chico…never ceases to brighten up my day.. the best talaga ang chicogarcia.wordpress.com… 🙂

  10. HI chico,
    i liked the way you described your bids with Dell about love..

    ” Not just the love that jumps up and down for joy, but even the quiet love, that one that is happy to sit still”

    It’s utterly simple yet so profound.

  11. Bonne fete d’anniversaire, Delle.
    Thank you for making weekday mornings something to look up to.
    You and Chico always make a positive impact to us, your listeners.
    Sorry that I am missing the show this year as I am out of the country and timezone wise it is difficult to listen thru the net.
    I will get my fill when I come back to Pinas this Dec.
    All the very best.

  12. Hey, Chico.. I was sooo thrilled to hear your voice and Delle via podcast!!! Never heard those cute gigling voice that makes me feel at home being away for 3 years!!! Thanks for cheering me up when bull-shitty boss and employees crank me up at work!!!

    More power to you guys.. 😀

    Happy Birthday Delle!

  13. Hi Chico…..Me & munting atay a far from each other’s table actually huddle just to hear Delle’s Mr. _______ voice……in short NAKAKAKILIG ! hahaaaaaa

  14. I always tuned in to your show every morning and it was so fun listening to the both of you.

    Happy Birthday Delle! 🙂

  15. This is very nice Chico. I also like this line – “but even the quiet love, that one that is happy to sit still, but just as bursting with blissful enchantment as its manic counterpart.”

    Personally, if ever I would find what others already found. I prefer it to be in that state which you just mentioned above.

    And again, congratulations for being a Hall Famer! ;o)

  16. i tot utot. er, i tot i was going to be delle’s boytoy! toinks.

    happy bday, delle! hope u had a blast..

    [chico, go ahead. spill some more beans about the girl.=)mabuhay ka, pinoyy blogger..]

  17. happy beerday, i mean birthday miss delle! i wasn’t able to tune yesterday because i was busy in the office, daming work loads! anyway, happy birthday! you’re my woman on top. i look up to you coz’ you’re the girl that a guy could wished for.. wish you all the best in life and god bless you and your family..

    nice pic chico!!! 😉

  18. OMG chico, that was like the best wish of love anyone can ever get. i guess you have that, that’s why you can describe it so good, so good i can feel it.

  19. Nice pic of delle here. Napaka fresh ng face. Dapat ganito lagi, hindi lang during her birthdays 🙂 heheh! so pretty ang smiling face talaga.

  20. First of all. Again, Happy Birthday to Delle. I wish her all the best in everything – specially to the new love team, (heard it from your show this morning) 🙂 And to Chico, You are such a sweet friend to Delle. Friends like you are worth to cherish.

  21. work kept me from listening to chico and dell continuously over the past years but whenever i can, i tune in to rx just cause i know they’ll get me laughing in no time. happy birthday dell! i was teary eyed after reading chico’s blog. i just felt his sincerity and he wouldn’t be able to say those things in that manner if you are not superb friend to him.i am happy that you are not single anymore. hehehe! women like you deserve the best kind of love story in this world.

  22. Oh my . . . chico , aren’t you get jelous ???? i do not know if i will feel happy for del if she already have one and you . . . how about you chico ? . . .

    Well , Del happy birthday to you , i wish on chico’s bday will get to know also his special someone.

    We love you both.

  23. belated happy birthday, Delle!!! wishing you more blessings and more happiness for you in the future 🙂
    i just downloaded the podcast and you guys are CRAZY!!! 🙂

    thank you for always making us smile, laugh, cry, go crazy every morning!!! 🙂

  24. Hahaha.. happy birthday Delle! I wish I was there on the booth but I have sore eyes. I’m so happy for u, halata namang in-love ka. And Tyler is so makulit. hehe… God bless u always, u deserve it cause napakabait mo. ;)love yah!

  25. Since nasabi na nilang lahat, at na greet ko na rin si Delle, ask ko lang if you took this shot. It was very beautiful and cover- and centerfold-worthy. =)

  26. Happy birthday delle. Im excited to download the podcast. And since ur bf greeted u on air, are we expecting baby whale’s greetings on chico’s birthday? Woot!

  27. happy birthday to delle and what her special someone did was very sweet and special. more power to you delle and of course chico and the rest of the RX team 😀

  28. “..wish her all manners of love, in all shapes and sizes. Not just the love that jumps up and down for joy, but even the quiet love, that one that is happy to sit still, but just as bursting with blissful enchantment as its manic counterpart.”

    Holy wow. If Andy Mckee’s “Rylynn” had words, these would be them.

    Words from the heart penned by a talented guy for a beautiful person.

  29. Katulad ng sabi nila, happy birthday Delle! Pati ako kinikilig while I was tuned in. Galing talaga manggisa ni Chico. 😀

    Delle kailangan mo talagang gumanti on Chico’s birthday! It will be a delight for everyone! hahaha. Love you both! 🙂

  30. grabe, nakakaiyak yung message. I wish someone would wish me ..”all manners of love, in all shapes and sizes. Not just the love that jumps up and down for joy, but even the quiet love, that one that is happy to sit still, but just as bursting with blissful enchantment as its manic counterpart.”, effective kasi e ;D Tingnan mo, may Tyler na si Delle! Haapy Birthday,Delamar! For all the things you have to be thankful for, one stands out, you have a very good friend in Chico. love you both! 🙂

  31. about my libra-gemini and lennon-mccartney parallelism on the top 10 last Oct.14, i must say that indeed, Delle is Lennon and Chico is McCartney. 😉

    happy birthday, delle!

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