27 comments on “Underwater Photography 1

  1. Lupeet! Ganda ng mga kuha sa fish parang nagpapacute sila at alam nilang kukuhanan sila ng picture… Parang gusto ko tuloy mag-alaga ng Clown Fish…

  2. Have you try HDR Photography? sinubukan ko and I posted my sample on my blog, ang sarap galing. Sana ma-experience ko rin yung Nude Photography at itong Underwater photography…

  3. Amazing pictures Chico.. I was surprised na aside from radio, you also have this
    talent for Photography. I’ll be following your blogs from now on. =)

  4. Good job Chico! 😀 Baka ma-freshly pressed ka na naman niyan ha. 😀 The good thing about your blog is that you always have something new to feature and you never fail to entertain and inform us. Kaya ako, everyday nag-vivisit to make sure na di ako mahuli sa posts mo. Keep ’em coming!

  5. hi Chico! i have for a long time been wanting to write a comment on your blog but didn’t get around to doing it. i always thought your blog is worth visiting. it’s informative, awe-inspiring, hilarious… there’s an air of mystery and depth of spirit. i am just overwhelmed with the awesome photos, the patient eye for detail, both pictures and description. i can’t begin to enumerate the things that make it a great blog without stumbling into colliding words of amazement, solemnity, earnestness, joviality…and most of all i love the in-depth insinuation of seemingly trivial subjects. i could go on and on but i’ll get back to your blog now :)) God bless your prolific pen and camera and royal mind….

  6. Hey Chico! Those pics are awesome and like you, I have a love affair with the underwater. I love snorkeling and wanted to try scuba diving as well. I am 35, isn’t it too late? : )

    • amazing! i just had my first scuba dive last month in davao but i got scared to go deeper. next time i’ll have more guts para makakita ako ng ganto rin karaming fish! hehehe!

  7. Chico, love the pics! =) You made me miss diving real bad! =/

    Candy, 35 is so not late. When I was learning to dive, I had a 60 year old classmate. 😉

  8. Chico … I actually look forward to your Photo posts. They’re always amazing – which is why I added you as a contact on Flickr. I especially like your Macro pics. If you follow this link – you will be lead to a picture I took during our Coron vacation. A lot of people like the picture – which is odd – since I have others that are my personal favorites. Thing is – most of the time – I find that other people’s taste are very different from my own.
    Hope to see more pictures from you, underwater, on land ( and stars – I like your star pictures too ).

  9. Nice shots Chico! Pero scary yung school of fishes na yun ha? I remember a documentary sa Discovery. Where there are many small fishes clustered in a huge group, there are predators like sharks, dolphins and (if in shallow waters) seagulls 🙂 okay lang sana dolphins and seagulls. What if there are sharks drooling over those many fishes? ahahah!

    Favorite ko yung Clown fishes sa blue “weeds” 🙂

  10. hi kuya chico! ang ganda ng mga pictures ah.. 🙂 paki-greet na lang po pala si ate delamar ng Happy birthday! by the way I’m a great fan of morning rush..

  11. your pictures are so inspiring. always looking forward to see your photos everytime i visit your blog.got so inspired that i took up photography lessons with leo. photoworks batch 59 just graduated last week and tomorrow we will be attending skin photography. so… thanks you so much Chico for making us love photography…

  12. Exquisite photos, Chico… I see the same image quality from the National Geographic website, especially that of the clownfish. Thanks for sharing them.

  13. Aewsome pictures! When I tried underwater photography before, my pictures were really blurry so I didnt try it again. But it’s nice to see that the Philippines is becoming more aware of the potential of eco-tourism. This not only helps bring in more tourists (income) but helps preserve our natural environment. Thanks for sharing Chico!

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