9 comments on “Worst Line Ever

  1. cHICO, bakit walang local? hehehe worst local line ever.. “Oo saging ako, saging! Pero libutin mo man ang buong mundo… saging lang ang may puso!! May Puso!”

  2. Hi Chico, I sent you a comment thru this blog of yours a while back regarding hosting my wedding, I know it is still far (Dec 19, 2011) I just wanted to know how can I contact you to inquire. You may email me at annehipos@gmail.com.

    Thanks so much!

    PS: You & Del are the best, I really like TMR. Thanks for always brightening up my day.

  3. Agree. Pano naman naging worst yung una asus! Mas worst (!) yung mga picks ni Chico.

    Triviah! The Spiderman in the TV series was the boy in Sound of Music. I think sya si Friedrich.

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