14 comments on “The Top Ten Invented Games You Used To Play As Kids

  1. it’s bad Idea to read this while i look after a sleeping patient… kakabagan ako Kapipigil ng tawa!! dami plang version ng habulan!

  2. We used to play shark-shark too! Same name, same rules. Weird.

    We love (yup, until now, we’re 21) to play “virus”. We pick a common acquaintance to be the virus unbeknownst to the chosen virus. The goal of the game is to remain virus free until the end of the game (when everyone gets bored or when everyone is infected). The thing is, we the players are not allowed to tell the virus that he/she is the virus and part of the game or that we are playing a game. We have to try not to touch or be touched by the virus to not be infected.

    Another game is “habulan with the Learning Disabled”. I used to go to school at SPED, the school is a mix of special/handicapped students and us the fastlearners. We taunt an LD until he/she runs after us. This gets either funnier and more gross because the LD’s usually try to spit at us or flick their snot at us.

    Aaah… this top ten brought me back to my childhood, back when family computer and gameboy and dance revolution were the only advanced games. So having an over-active imagination and love for the outdoors was the only thing we needed for a fun day.


  3. we used to play killers. we call it “kindatan”. we use playing cards, whoever gets the king, will be the killer, sya ung “kikindat” sa iba then mamamatay. there’s also a police and a lawyer, sya magpaparusa pag nahuli ung killer.

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  5. i remember my lil bro he decided to make layas coz we dont wanna play tsik tsik… actually its patay patayan… pero slow motion and and sound effects when the killer is near the victim is tsik-tsik tsik-tsik lolz!

  6. Don’t hit my pussy – Lahat ng girls nakabukaka at nakabilog tapos may bola ng basketball. Ang goal ng game is matamaan mo yung kwan nung ibang players para ma-out. Ang pang shield yung kamay namin. LOL.

  7. Chico, it’s either you gravitate towards homoerotic entries, or your listeners gravitate towards homoeroticism! Haha. Been a listener to you and Delle since the late 90’s when I was still in highschool. 🙂

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  9. Grabe! This top 10 really brought me to the good ol’ days. Kami naman we used to play ‘senakulo-senakulohan’ merong ding Jesus, which is the most coveted role,with matching cross pa. We also have the hudyo,mama mary and magdalene.. Nagaagawan pa kme s mga role na un. Hehe! Saya tlga pag bata!

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