23 comments on “Oplan: Sagip Balete

  1. a jejemon kapre, hahaha. But if i were u, i’d be afraid too. Hay, these superstitions, they mess our brains up.

  2. uhmm.. .i think since your like Spandau’s dad, it will just one day take you in it. you’ll be surprised to see yourself be with the “creatures” all inside him living and rejoicing because they have a sturdy home in a nice village with their “king” with them. . .

    what do you think? 😉

  3. If I were you Chico i would just move it and plant it somewhere else, just not on my own lot, somewhere far, in a park or maybe on your neighbor’s backyard! LOL

  4. I don’t get the Spandau Balete joke. Someone care to explain? Am I dumb for not getting it?

    ‘nyway, Chico get rid of the tree. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I try not to believe in superstitions but ALL those stories that old people used to tell me when I was younger are deeply rooted in my memory. Aaah!!! Even though this is a semi-funny post, I still felt scared and creeped-out. Get rid of the tree.

  5. @littlemisschatterbox89- Spandau Balete = Spandau Ballet

    so i think chico wanted to say his balete tree’s name is Spandau Ba-ley-te 🙂

    and no, ur not dumb. just that chico is such a corn ball. (joke) 😀

  6. I see the dilemma. I’m a tree-hugger, but this is like finding Damian (The Omen) as a baby, only now he’s a tree. I say let nature take its course. And it’s only natural for you to step on it if it starts getting too big, or have your dogs pee on the thing every chance they get. I know this much is true.

  7. Sir, this is a very resilient plant. Kahit itapon mo lang sa tabi, tutubo pa rin yan. If you got the time, best if you can turn it into a bonsai. Kayang-kaya nya ang wiring and other tortuous methods of bonsai. Better yet donate it to bonsai enthusiasts who can look after it through the years if you don’t like harboring one.

    For sure di magugustuhan ng mga maligno tumira sa bonsai na balete. Baka sinlaki lang yan ng balls ng kapre. Lol.

  8. @tc bonsai! hehehe oo nga no, mga kapre they don’t have anything to swing on!

    chico’s comment on kapre with rambutan testicles makes my day.. woot gay imagination in full swing.


  9. chico, you have two choices. if you kill it now while it’s still young, the tiyanaks living under it will retaliate. when it grows, then, you’ll have kapres. tiyanak or kapre?


  10. pwede mo yata i-donate/ipaampon si spandau, chico…parang sa DENR ata un or sa seed bank (not sure kung ano department ng gov un hehehe) 🙂

  11. Hey, I don’t think na isa siya sa mga strangler figs… The scientific name of the balete commonly found in the Philippines is ficus elastica, It’s actually called the Indian rubber tree So it’s not the “murderous” type of tree like the strangler fig.

    And yeah, I agree with tc, convert it into a bonsai. They make beautiful ones especially if they are planted beside or on top of a rock as it’ll envelope it with roots as it grows

    • most if not all banyan trees (this include Ficus elasticas) have stranglers. it’s just their seeds which grew on the mother tree’s canopy or bark crevices, transported by either birds, humans, or natural causes.

      what we see as stranglers are actually their roots and trunks. once they establish their roots in the ground or a nutrient rich part of the mother tree trunk, they become host to their mother plant. they could eventually take over the mother plant.

  12. hello…

    first let’s define this ficus

    Ficus elastica Rxb. ex Hornem.
    A spreading, glabrous tree growing to 10m. tall. Leaves are leathery smooth, shining, elliptic oblong, sharply acuminate, to 25 cm long; etc.
    Native to tropical Asia. Introduced to the Philippines probably during the American period. Commonly planted along roads and in parks. A sturdy indoor plant. Propagated by marcotting of small branches
    – A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Philippine Ornamental Plants.1995,2000 by Domingo a. Madulid. 2nd ed.

    My advice, replant it somewhere where it could grow comfortably in its mature state.
    Remember this tree grows to as much as 10m tall (i’ve seen taller and bigger ones). Masyadong kakain ng space, at the same time nagkakaroon ito ng mga “vines”.

    You can plant it as well in a pot and use it as indoor plant, or as bonsai (yes, tc is right), but i believe it would be too much for you to do this for the latter entails careful manipulation and care (it’s an art and a skill, hindi lang basta basta natututunan ang pagbobonsai). pero u can take lessons, that is if u decide to be an enthusiast.

    Sobrang lalaki ang puno na yan, Chico. This plant is very resilient, it can withstand multiple transplanting if done properly kasi it has a milky sap, mas mabilis makarecover ang mga madagta- i have a lot of experience with planting, replanting and transplanting of this and various trees, so i hope you consider my suggestions. I advice you that you transfer this to a park, or any big open space where it can grow fully.

    With regard to the supernatural stuff, wala akong masasabi jan… I can’t really say that i believe in it. Mejo maruming puno kasi iyan so it wouldn’t look good in your front yard. I suggest you plant a fragrant champaca or a beautiful malobago instead.

    -From your friendly neighborhood Landscape Architect

  13. chico lipat mo nalang ang seedling somewhere, for example, sa probinsiya ng relatives mo, if you’re thinking twice of throwing it in the trash bin. :))

  14. lol . . . chico , you crack me up on ” eyow pouh . . . dito na meeeh ” waaaah
    I suggest you should plant it to a vacant lot na lang chico . . . 😦 kakatakot eh.

  15. when i was a kid, i used to believe in kapres or other creatures living in balete trees and get scared when hearing stories about it. but today, i just laugh whenever i pass by two balete trees when going home from work. i usually go home at around 2-3 in the morning and haven’t felt anything strange or spooky yet. 🙂 we have two balete trees in our compound. it is about half a kilometer away from our house. i’m not sure who planted those trees but it surely gives us a nice shade whenever it is so hot and sunny.

    if i were you, just keep the plant but if it really spooks you up, just get rid of it. 🙂

  16. don’t know about malignos, but the scary thing is pag lumaki si Spandu, the roots will spread even underneath your house flooring at pwede syang mag crack…we had a mango tree in our front yard before and that’s what happened in our flooring. when it’s raining hard the water sips inside through the cracks! 😦

  17. I’m immersed into reading your story about this mysterious tree. We have the same feeling because two balete trees stand tall in front of our house and they’re noticeable to the passersby. They look attractive as they’r e regularly trimmed well. They have reached the roof top of our 2-storey house but they serve as decorative with upright position like a street light post. Branches are not scattered nor spread because they’re trimmed. I just learned that they’re balete trees just recently and made me scared a bit. That’s why I made a research about it. I just want to think that they’re divine trees and one of God’s wonder nature. Well, I really enjoy reading your piece and made me laugh. Let us pray that these trees won’t do any harm…. God bless.

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