50 comments on “My “Date” With KC Concepcion

  1. Chico!!! I’m out of words… oh, I have two… “Nakakaloka ka!”
    You’re hilarious as always. Looking forward tomorrow (Ay! Mamaya na pala ‘yun!)sa hirit sa’yo ni Del at kung anong ihihirit back mo sa hirit n’ya!

    Rest ka muna. Sweet dreams… baka may continuation ang “date” with KC… hahaha! :p

  2. I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now. You never fail to make me laugh and entertained. I’m imagining the scene as I read your blog bout KC. Funny Funny!!! by the way this is my first time to comment. Yey! and I’m also a silent rusher way way back pa. More power!

  3. I must see if KC gets to read your tweets and malay mo your wordpress too! hahahaha you dont fail to make me laugh maski homesick na ako dito USA..

  4. Funny! Off topic, speaking of iPads, bought myself one 2 weeks ago, 64gig 3g, unfortunately after 10 days I have to return it, poor wifi signal during the first 10 days, on the 11th day, suddenly it won’t even connect to our network anymore! wtf! For some expensive shit, that is unacceptable! Apparently the wifi problem has been existing since it was first released. I would hold off until the next generation then, or maybe just wait for RIM’s Playbook? 🙂


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  6. i’m tempted to tweet her your blog post. i’m not following her but just for the sake of getting your “fantasy” to her. haha. sayang nga, if only she read her tweets that time, your dream could’ve come true! mygash!

  7. Hi Chico,

    I’m Ej Sanchez a morning rusher I really need your help. I’ve been browsing your blog to look for your e-mail address but I can’t find it. that’s why I just posted it here as a comment. A child need some help. I think you can help the family. you can ask some organizations through your show at RX…We are not asking for too much, just some help to lessen the burden of the family of aldred…I hope you can help us…In behalf of Aldred’s family I would like to thank you in advance..God bless..here’s the story of aldred from my friend joy (She’s the one who’s really connected with the family):

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    His lower limbs are not functioning well, hopefully, if he undergo the operation he may move his lower body.

    Ate Punch (Jennifer’s nick) is a friend and a former co-employee on my first job in Manila, I witness how they are eager to have this baby and to raise the family well. Months after she discover she is pregnant again she never hesitate to resign on her job to take good care of her pregnancy.

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    hope you’ll read this and ask some help from other morning rushers out there…Godbless!

  8. One of your funniest posts!!! 🙂 Sana pala yung nabili mong Downy (para dun sa punda mong amoy ipis) eh yung ibinibida ni Delle sa TMR kanina.

  9. haha, nice one chico. i almost died laughing here at the office while reading your blog. =) you never fail to make me laugh!

  10. chico, chico, chico! hahahahaha! pwede ka na maging creative writer ng isang tv show!

    oo nga dapat may continuation ito!!! =)

  11. this is a nice blog post. i’m picturing the scenario natatawa ako sa yo, haha… at nasayang yung pinambili mo ng kape sa Starbucks. Nagising ka kase hindi dahil sa kape mo but because of KC. haha.

  12. my goodness chico! you have some crazy stuff going on around your head and i’m liking it! yey!
    (maybe you should consider writing horny tagalog novelas too. hehehehe… i’m pretty sure you’ll get rich with this gig.)
    more chico! more!

  13. hi chico! I really like your blog post.. ahaha

    by the way, I’m a fan of the morning rush…

    love chico and delamar! 🙂

  14. Hahaha! Sorry Chicks! I’m one of those people who retweeted your tweets to KC. I love you both! Wouldn’t it be awesome if the two of you get to hang out? Lavet! You’re the best. 😀

  15. no, chico, that wasn’t mortifying. what’s mortifying is when people who follow both of you sends kc a link to chicogarcia.wordpress.com

    then kc reads this post.

    ooohh.. i’m so loving this!

    abangan ang susunod na kabanata. 🙂

  16. OMG Chico! Astig ka talaga! you are definitely the BEST!!! I wonder How did Del reacted to this one, i love to hear it.. But your podcast is not yet working well I guess.. More Power!

  17. hala ka, andami na palang nag retweet kay KC, baka matuloy na yung pagbili nya ng iPad at Camera nyan, hahahaha
    as usual, i love this post 😀

  18. this is one of the shortest and funniest posts you ever made Chico!!! ala-Ellen and Oprah, I hope she comes right out and surprise you with that ipad :))

  19. Nice post, Chico! I can’t stop laughing! This is by far your funniest blog entry. I really hope KC Concepcion would get to read this and, why not, even have you on her show. That’ll be cool! 😉

  20. I didn’t know you were that mestizo to be mistaken as Gabby C., coz I remember people would make a mistake calling you Derek Ramsey :)) a really good one there. It has always been a dream for me to meet you and Del in person. Me and my husband were silent rushers for almost three years now.I was inspired to continue blogging bec of your blog site. 🙂 Please greet us in your show. (minted berries and griever) 🙂 We always listen to the podcast posted by blueritz, coz you see I am somewhat a nocturnal being :)Have a great day you guys 🙂

  21. I reblogged this Chico, hope you don’t mind. Too funny not to share eh. 🙂 Piolo and Gabby? 🙂 PURRRRFFFEEEECCTTOOO!!! 🙂

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