12 comments on “Cebu Pacific Dancing Flight Attendants

  1. I like it that way! Sometimes people doesn’t care much or listen to their instructions during the flight. I saw this on the news last night too, this is a great way to attract passengers and tourists though. I can’t wait to get on one of their flights!

  2. Only in the Philippines. We make all the people happy even if we are riding plane. Amazing Cebu Airlines. You made it in the Hollywood Scene. Ryan Seacrest posted it in his page. Truly Amazing. I’m proud to be Filipinos. They brought back other countries trust in our country.

  3. I’ve seen the kiddie safety video before pero yung FA in body paint, now lang 🙂 They entertain as well as get the point across.

    Honestly, I found the Cebu Pacific FA dance distracting. People will just notice their cute dance steps instead of the message itself. These are emergency instructions. Sana they could do the dance a separate part of the flight.

    Also, they could provide better service first before they distract us this way from all the issues they are trying to divert our attention from – kicking off a mentally-challenged kid from a flight, or not allowing to transport an organ for a critical transplant operation. Geez! (should I lighten up now? heheh)

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  5. Twas a nice way to bring attention to the safety instructions. I guess, hats off to CebuPac for trying something new, at least in the airline industry in the Phils. I have some doubts though that the recording was impromptu. Seems like it was planned because the recording started even before the ‘show’ began. (Plus, the CebuPac IPO thing just around the corner). Just the same, two thumbs up to CebuPac (Errrr, I take it back…’one thumb up’ lang…still need to improve service) 🙂

  6. hhhmmmm… not sure about this.. as a FA we are taught that we should take the Safety demonstration seriously. that’s why when we do the safety demonstration, our face should be “blank” like no smiling but not frowning, so that the passengers can focus with our demonstration, because it’s for everyone’s safety. so… not sure if i like what they did, but definitely, they are pretty and really good dancer!

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