22 comments on “Master Oscar Bait

  1. Great selection. Chico – what is your favorite Oscar movie? For me it’s a toss up between “Shakespeare In Love” and “Lost in Translation”.

  2. Kristen Stewart has always been an indie fave actor. Then came Twilight pfft j/k 🙂 James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo? Si Meryl Streep na lang kulang dito grabe dream cast ito. I’ve seen the trailer of Welcome To The Riley’s quite a few times and there would always be this lump in my throat…as a parent, I really feel for the characters. Can’t wait for this.

    And Chico? Aren’t you excited about Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp’s film, The Tourist? Wala lang, naloka lang ako sa casting 🙂

  3. Walang “The Town”? Ay…

    You heard it here first: “The Town” is showing next week. Watch it even if Chico doesn’t much care for it. Howkay?

  4. Thanks for the heads up. There’s so many movies to look forward to! Just can’t believe you don’t like Hilary Swank 🙂 Have you watched PS I Love You?

  5. Gusto ko umuwi ng Pilipinas para lang panoorin ang HP7! Para makasama ko ang mga HP addict friends ko.. at malamang may MMP!

    Lagi nalang si JT, sana si Nick Carter naman pag merong magandang movie next time.:D

  6. Those movies were nice Chico.

    My comments: (ala Facebook).

    HP7 – Can’t wait.
    The Social Network – goosebumps.
    127 Hours and Catfish – eerie.
    The Kids Grow Up – teary-eyed.
    Little Fockers – LOL.

    and the rest — will be waiting but not that wanting. =)

    Thanks, C.

  7. hay. thank u thank u sa selection mo chix! i had a great ride watching 1 after the other. galeeeng! i like halos lahat. & i definitely2 will catch HP7 (kahit na after nun bk magka nervous brkdown ako dahil july pa ung next)…i love “Stone” OMG! Robert De Niro na Edward Norton pa. It pays when u see those 2 on screen. The Kings’s Speech…cguro sa bala na lang, but i love Colin Firth. hmmm. 127 Hours! Woah! Danny Boyle? grabe i’m still having goosebumps. I like Reese’s romcom; Welcome To The Riley’s (tears welled up) & Nowhere Boy. thanks chico!!!!!

  8. Nice! Can’t wait for HP7 and The Social Network! I’d definitely watch Nowhere Boy, Catfish, and The Kids Grow Up.

    You’re right Chico, Melissa Leo is underrated. She did great in Frozen River! I really thought she’d win an Oscar when she got nominated year 2008.

    And oh, I like Hilary Swank. If ever she got nominated for the movie Conviction, she might win another Oscar. 🙂

    • Melisa Leo is masterfuly in Frozen River.. but that’s the year where Kate Winslet won right?? Winslet was the favorite, I thought she has the least chance that year

      Hilary Swank again?? she’s had enough I think… they should give one again to the great Merryl Streep!

      • It would be a matter of right timing for Melissa Leo. I’d love to see more of her in the coming years… Yes, my vote was for my love Kate that year but I really thought Melissa was her biggest threat…

        Well, you’re right. THE Meryl Streep deserve another Oscar after some… 20+ years, I believe?

  9. hereafter- anything from Clint Eastwood is a potential Oscar bait; but last year’s INVICTUS got a little love from the board- 2 acting nods for Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon; no best pic and best director- but it’s still ok cause the man got 2 best director trophies (Unforgiven and Million Dollar baby)- you gotta share Uncle Oscar right? 🙂

    MAN, i love hilary swank, hehe. but I’m not confident enough if she’s gonna grab an acting nod, ’cause we have Annette Benning (The Kids Are All Right) and Natalie Portman (Black Swan), just like last year, Swank failed to seal a nomination even though she played the world’s most famous aviatrix- Amelia Earhart, what a shame. hehe

    it’s gonna be a head to head bout between INCEPTION and THE SOCIAL NETWORK, there’s so much british period drama in the Oscar history but I am positive that Colin Firth will take one spot for his witty performance in THE KING’S SPEECH.

    127 hours- Slumdog Millionaire is the highlight of Danny Boyle’s career, it may seal a best pic nod, but winning- it’s a different stuff. This could be James Franco’s first Oscar spot.

    black swan- been a fan of Darren Aronofsky. 2 years ago, I was outraged that Sean Penn stole the Oscar from THE WRESTLER’s Mickey Rourke, argh! but I’ve already forgiven the Academy. It’s payback time Aronofsky via Portman! 🙂

    Harry Potter- the technical aspects, but Best Pic- nah… 🙂

    i guess you missed INCEPTION… 🙂

  10. and oh! one more thing, I saw THE SOCIAL NETWORK via its Philippine sneak preview, man, it’s totally brilliant! Fincher does it again!

    I hope Jesse Eisenberg could be nominated for Best Actor- suck it up Mark Zuckerberg. hehe

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