9 comments on “The Top Ten Things To Say To Someone Who’s Leaving

  1. **sniff** **sniff**

    I hate goodbyes also, most especially saying it to someone you really love and knowing that there will no more hellos…..

  2. I remember the day when my nmother had to go work abroad and I had to live with my tita. Sabi niya nun saglit lang siya. It’s been 15 years since at magkakasama na kaming pamilya dito, at ang hirap hirap balikan ng Pilipinas!=(

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  4. Hi Chico!

    I listen to you & Delle every morning while driving on my way to work. I really love the two of you, I’ve been a silent rusher for more than 10 years already (RX, other station then back to RX). It was actually this morning when I realized after hearing you & Delle talk about marriage (your parents, Delle’s parents, couples you meet when you host their reception party) why not hire you two on my wedding (that is if my & my fiancé budget can afford it). But I can try right? So here it goes, may I know how much is your rate in hosting parties? It is still far though, Dec 19 next year but I know your schedule guys are pretty hectic so I should inquire now.

    Thanks a lot Chico, I am so glad you always mention your blog address.

    I really love your show, keep up the good work. You & Delle always brighten up my day.



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