15 comments on “The Amazing Race Asia 4

  1. wow. thanks for sharing! 😀 It looks like a fun experience indeed! Thru your blog and pics, I sort of feel the cheerful vibe and energy from that exciting roadtrip! / event 😉

    am a HUGE fan too of TARA since season 1 and TAR U.S. Nice to see the Racers involved in such charity work/fun activitiy with the media

    Kudos also to chevron! and Kuya Bodjie! 😀

  2. oh and yeah, kinda hoping and wishing and hoping TOO that from
    kulelat (season1) to -> 3rd (season2) to -> 2nd (season3)

    that in this season4, we finally get what we deserve -> #1!!!

    please, Santa, please 😉

  3. Guess who’s neighbors with 2 of the five gentlemen in those pics! Yup … the House of Queens is in the same condo building as Season 2 contestants. Of course the residents of the house of queens (which is the name of my blog because it houses 2 gay men and a lady named Regina) swoon whenever we share the elevator with Marc. 😛

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  5. Chico, thanks for this write up. Too bad you missed the coastal clean up. We didn’t have the big debris like what you were talking about, but we had so much of the small plastics. I think the small plastics are what the fish and turtles could swallow. So was telling others that if you picked up those small plastics, don’t feel like they’ve done something unimportant. They just saved a lot of our marine friends out there from choking. 🙂 Take care Chico, hope you’ll be able to join us next year for our 7th year of cleaning up our shoreline. May not have the “party” of this year, but won’t be less fun and relevant. Thanks again.

  6. I get a feeling that the two guys won’t make it past Rovilson and Marc’s standing in TARA 2. They somehow don’t project an aura of being the grand winners. I hope I am super wrong!!!

  7. Quintuplets? hahaha! pero para kayong magkakapatid tapos ikaw Chico ang bunsong inaapi-api kasi half-brother ka lang. hehe. XD grabe, parang nasa madame tussauds ka lang. (fc much?)

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