12 comments on “The Top Ten Proofs That Love Isn’t For Everyone

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  3. Hi Chico, love this top ten most especially the ff. entries:

    #8 – Thanks for this,somehow felt good. may ilan namang bumalik, kaya lang, tingin ko, hindi talaga sila worth it. I’d rather stay… hahaha!
    #15 – if you don’t mind, better be a SISA, Single and Satisfied …with Life
    #17 – oo nga! bakit kasi nagfofocus sa mga mali eh!
    #18 – uy, kung minsan nga kahit ruler, hindi na rin ha!
    #26- ouch! parang pwede ang entry na ‘to sa Top 10 emo quotes ah !

  4. Hmm. When I was 12, I saw myself as a spinster who volunteered to take care of my parents when they get old. My cousin said that it would be a bit hard, but I have enough faith in Him to help me even if I end up alone–ganon kalakas ang insecurities ko.

    Maybe He saw through me and my heartfelt intentions kaya binigyan ako ng isang very low-maintenance guy who really loved this high-maintenance girl. =)

    Happy for you Chico. And to all those who are and choose to remain single-blessed, I think the important thing is to find your sweet place on earth, whether alone or not.

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