10 comments on “Weight Wars

  1. hi chico. i also gained weight, lose it, gained it back then lose it again. Multiply this several times and that’s my lose-weight-story. I tried badminton but was unable to sustain it because I had difficulty running after the shuttle cock due to my weight. I tried herbalife and it worked. But when I discovered running, the weight went down and down every day. Before, the longest I can run is 30 seconds and I will be panting like crazy. But when I followed a running program I just downloaded from the internet, it taught me how to increase my endurance little by little and now I can run for straight 20 mins without stopping. I’m aiming at running for 30 minutes without stopping and I am getting there.

  2. awwww . . . i will keep this in mine ! ” if i want to do it . . . all i have to do id do it “…
    good morning chico !!! you are really an armor of every one’s morning . . . you me from shield loneliness . . . a lab it =)

  3. i feel like congratulating this dude. galing! I too gain weight easily, unfortunately i can’t lose just as easily. I’m slowly, shedding the unwanted pounds i gained over the past 5yrs. I feel good when people notices. Un ang inspiration ko! hehe. Good luck Chico! :-*

  4. chico, my hubby dee was at 205 lbs last Nov09. Now, with roughly 3 mos to go before our wedding, mas malaki pa ang ipinayat sa akin. He’s now @ 154 lbs. I guess the first step to losing weight is having a weighing scale. Keep track. Religiously. If you wanna check his past and present picture, just check my website and ur gonna see it for real. Kahit ako nagugulat looking back at his pictures. It was a slowly but surely process of losing weight 🙂

  5. kaiyak naman to!! bakit ba kasi ang hirap mainspire? siguro kahit basahan ako ng mga chicken soup books for kung anek anek, di pa rin ako maiinspire. maiiyak lang ako sa mga success stories. hmp! hay buhay tamad nga naman o!=D

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