14 comments on “The Top Ten Things You’d Do If You Could Travel Through Time

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  3. Being a film lover, I always wonder what it was like watching the greatest classic movies in theaters and meeting the filmmakers.. I would travel back in time to do that… to watch those greatest movies ever created in actual theaters.. hehehe..

  4. this is interesting! a lot made me laugh, pero most of them made me sad. my gash! y did i read this on a Monday morning?!

  5. i don’t and don’t want to regret anything that i’ve done. i’ve accepted them and moved on.

    i’d go to the future when i’m already a foreign service officer and travel the world with a diplomatic visa hahaha seriously, i really want to have that goal already…

  6. Hi Chico. I hardly remember having heard this top 10 last year which is surprising to me since I’m very fascinated with the concept of time traveling. So I checked my downloaded podcasts, and true enough, this top 10, along with a couple of topics aired on the same week were not in my collection. So immediately downloaded it and listened last night. Guess, what I’ve found out. You predated Venus Raj by a full year as I heard you saying her now famous “major, major” phrase while you were telling Del what happened during the Beatles’ concert in Manila in the 60’s. Venus Raj must have been a rusher, hehehe. You guys are a great source of various information. Always love it when you and Del discuss movies, tv series, political and showbiz news. By the way, I miss listening to your French accent, lol. Hope you could also do a top 10 on signs that someone is still immature/already mature, signs that someone is selfish/selfless and top 10 OFW quotes.

  7. if i could travel back in time, i would go back to the year of our great great grandfathers, yung panahon na tatayo ka sa bundok tatanawin m yung lupain na gusto m tpos sasabihin m”kung hanggang saan ang abot ng tanaw ko yun ang lupa q”..i’ll whisper to my great grandfather to look farther..para naman my lupa kmi ngaun.

  8. I would do something about Marcos stealing money from the Philippines.

    Speaking of which, there’s a movie about time travel where the characters are not so serious like most time travel movies, but are also more believable. It’s called “The girl who leapt through time”. It’s a japanese animation movie, so maybe it’s not for everyone.

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