25 comments on “Naked Mole Rat

  1. That’s so cute. DO you watch Kim Possible? Her best friend – Ron stoppable has a pet Naked Mole Rat. Its name is Rufus. The cartoon – apparently has a pretty accurate drawing – apart from the size of course.

  2. I was bawling in pain form the abs exercise you and Delle gave me while stiffling my laugh from that mole rat episode which at that time I found myself googling mole rats. oh my rat! if it were true Chico that yours looked like one mole rat, i therefore conclude: its wrinkly, too pale and veiny: the mole rat. Also found myself rubbing my elbows. it is a freakin walking penis without balls. haha. baka maluma ang gerbils from now on.

  3. hahaha nakakatawa! Therefore makulubot pala yung syo chico at parang ang tanda tanda nang tignan.. hahaha

    one more thing…. errr.. ganun ren ba kahaba like the 2nd photo?

  4. I can’t stop laughing this way after I read it. And I laughed afresh when I went ahead and also googled mole rat. Thanks for making my morning again!

    @jumpnjoey16: OMG, I’ll never look at Rufus the same way again. XD

  5. hahaha…for the love of delle..hehehe
    I think pahinga muna si delle sa pagbisita ng iyong site 😀
    I love the idea how the podcast “captured” delle’s reaction when she googled the poor thing hehehe 😀

  6. i googled it the first chance i got and i agree with you, i looks like a penis with teeth. imagine if penises have teeth, what would be their favorite snack?

  7. aww chico..haha..cant blame delle if she’s disgusted..naimagine q tuloy itsura ni delle nung nakita nia ang kawawang naked mole rat.

  8. I swear Chico! This made me fall from my chair “being a master at baiting”. Read it fast. I think Delle’s going to be furious. LOL

  9. LOL Kim Possible, a Disney cartoon character my kids and I used to watch some years back, has a friend whose pet is a naked mole rat. and yes, cartoon drawing or real life photos, it is the epitome of the penis.

  10. pagdating ko sa office, una kong ginawa eh i-google kung ano ang mole rat,i got so curious bec. of delle’s reaction upon seeing the picture on google. kaka-aliw talaga si delle.

  11. Sobrang LOL ako nung nag shriek si Delle when she finally saw a pic. Nway, I recall with disgust this gigantic mole rat that was in “City of Ember”. Gross to the max.

  12. i had the same reaction with del when i googled mole rat.hahaha. but at the same time i was laughing by myself while listening to u guys.hahaha. U really made my day.

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