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  1. I really love that ‘dreamcasting’ for the live action movie. 😀
    I stayed away from the movie because it looked really bad in the clips on YouTube. As in, actual movie clips na, hindi trailer. I’ll just end up as a hater, or some would say hating it even more lol XD, so huwag na lang.

  2. Hahaha! The Iron Chef host would have been great as Ozai. I think the movie would have been just a bit better if the actors actually looked the part and if there was a different director.
    On other things i can’t beleive that there is a word such as racebending?!?! at first I thought you just made that up yourself, to possibly be about an athletic race and bending. lol. Glad you brought the term up.

  3. Chico, I can’t wish you luck – no such thing in what you’re about to do. I just hope yours will be a relatively better experience than mine, which was a complete waste of time and money if you ask me.

  4. yeah if you see the movie you will really think, “why would the leads be all caucasians?”.. its evident in the water tribe from where Katara and Sokka came from, they are the only cuacasians among their tribe (including their grandma).. not sure what the casting crew were thinking when they assembled the cast.. or maybe they were not thinking at all.. from the initial trailer i didn’t see noah as Aang at all but i thought then that it might work.. but i guess i was right.. hahaha

    can’t wait to read your review of the movie.

  5. This was the second time I walked out of a movie. The first was Bewtiched.
    Really, the storyline is one sick mess of pig entrails.

    Nice ideas on the cast, though. The film would’ve been twice as better as the one released.

  6. If there is a reboot, I would prefer an open casting for unknowns in the roles Katara and Sokka. They did well in the casting for the Harry Potter series. I’m sure there are Native American/First Nation/Inuits who can do the roles justice.

    For the Nothern Water Tribe, they can be more open. When I first saw Master Pakku, I could see Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa playing the character.

  7. I watched The Last Airbender movie just for closure since I am also a big fan of the tv series. Even if all the reviews were negative, I just had to see it for myself and decide. I would like you to watch only because I want to read your film review. I personally did not like it – or is that a tame version of – I absolutely hate it? There are a thousand and one reasons not to like the movie so I am hoping for a remake with a new director and completely different cast. Isn’t it the only reason M. Night became curious of doing the movie was because his daughter wanted to be in a Katara costume for Halloween? I think he should have watched the series over and over to get the feel of it. The movie failed on so many levels but most of all it failed to bring me along in Aang’s journey in saving the world. The movie did not touch me the way the series did. It was for me a waste of time and money…but nonetheless at least I have the right to lambast it since I saw it and not relied on other people’s comments about it. I won’t stop you Chico from watching. Good luck on not barfing while watching. Bring extra patience along…

  8. watching the movie was a real torture. The casting, script, delivery of lines (they were like reading from an idiot board), sequencing, weird camera angle..etc etc.. i felt uneasy, awkward and embarrassed for the actors, i just want it to be over.. after watching the movie we watched the cartoon series again- twice just to erase every memory of the movie. Great “dreamcasting”! love it!

  9. I didn’t hate the movie that much, I just felt like “sobrang nakulangan” and it could have been played by better actors (and besides compressing a 13-15 episode (book) and selecting which to hi light is really a complex issue to resolve).

    I totally agree on your choice of directors – they have more vast imaginations and insane ideas to lay out (I just thought Appa looked like an Ewok – but I love them both). Del Toro will be the best but Peter Jackson I think is too much (judging from Kingkong and LOTR).

    Go watch the movie!

  10. I come from a family that love, love, loves Avatar. It’s a favorite topic at the dining table. And we all hated the movie. So it’s not even worth watching. Aang in the movie was way too serious and melodramatic, I just couldn’t empathize with him; I wanted him to die. Haha.

    They should cast Dante Basco as Zuko. His look already fits the profile, not to mention he already did Zuko in the series. He probably just needs to get Taylor Lautnered for the character.

  11. i like the “suggested cast” better than the original cast that was in the movie. Jasper, i mean Sokka (see? i can’t even recognize him as Sokka!) can’t even crack a joke. I’ve already watched the movie and I must say, the cast was soo not like the original one (i mean in the cartoons) I hope that the rumors about making Toph (which is my FAVE character) a boy is so not true. 😦
    i love the morning rush btw, and God! you too are hilarious! 🙂

  12. hindi maganda yung casting ng movie

    -sokka was trying to be funny when appa’s tail falls on him…para sakin, gusto nilang maging katawa tawa yun pero naging pilit ang dating…hindi rin bagay kay jackson rathbone yung character ni sokka, people were kind of used in seeing him as the serious, silent vampire, jasper, in twilight
    -noah ringer’s smile doesn’t look like a genuine smile at all (hindi ganun ngumiti si aang, kahit na cartoon lang si aang, napapangiti ako pag nakangiti siya and noah doesn’t give that same feeling), mas gusto ko yung ngiti nung brandon kasi hindi peke ang dating ng ngiti niya…
    -dev patel as sokka, he does look like him so why not?…
    -harry shum would have been a nice choice as zuko, but don’t you think he’s a bit old for the role?
    -gen. iroh’s role is best played by chow yun fat, he’s the first person i thought of when i heard about the avatar movie
    -since i prefer dev patel to play sokka, mabuti na nga rin siguro na kalahi niya ang gaganap na katara
    -marc dacascos does look like lord ozai…plus the hair extension.. hehe..

  13. I hope you write a review of the movie. I want to know what you think, I want to hear what a big fan of the animated series would say.

  14. i’m a big fan of the series & was discouraged to see the movie because there were a lot of negative feedbacks.but i went to see it anyways & yes,i believed that the movie didn’t gave justice to the original series..i liked the series because of it’s humor despite such adversities.the movie was too dull..i liked the effects though..& don’t get me started with the cast!i love your dream cast!i just hope they make another movie & make it closer to the original..

  15. I’ve seen the movie cause I was a huge fan of the animated series (even though the reviews I’ve read said it wasn’t worth the money)… So far, the only characters I liked were Prince Zuko acting wise (passably) and Appa!!!! Though I greatly agree that Dev Patel would have played Sokka well.

    I was disappointed with the graphics for bending because it was too slow… It takes them countless of moves just to conjure/bend water or fire!

    Though I’d stick to the animated series rather than watch the movie again…

  16. as avatar fanatics, we were really disappointed when we watched the movie. a lot of crucial events were not shown and characters were not properly introduced. they just appeared from nowhere.

    it would had been better if the movie were cut into parts like matrix or harry potter instead of just one.

    really disappointing movie. 😦

  17. Love the series, hate the movie. These alternative actors look very promising though. Anyway, just to share a quick slightly related trivia since we’re in the topic of performers for Avatar characters. Some of you may already know this but I will share anyways. The voice actor for Fire Lord Ozai is Mark Hamill – yes, Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill.

    I saw his name in the end credits of the final episode, looked it up on the internet, and after confirming it, I was just ecstatic. Star Wars is the only other franchise I love as much as I do Avatar. Realizing that such a major player in Star Wars has a part in this new favorite of mine just delighted the geek in me. =)

  18. waaah! sana mapanood mo na ung movie. para pumangit ang araw naten pare pareho. haha. grabe! how can that shyamalan guy be so clueless! grrrr sya. ke commander zhao pa lang, plakda na sya. ala syang ginawang tama. haha. sa war ships lng ng firenations cguro redeeming factor. tsk tsk tsk. kaasar naman. cguro eto ang magandang example ng “touch me not” type of stories. ok na ung animated. dun n lang sana. chix, u remind me of sokka. haha. thanks for sharing all these!!

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