22 comments on “The Filipino Ejaculator

      • OMG… chico replied to my post… IM NOT WORTHY (hands bowing)… IM NOT WORTHY (hands bowing)… IM NOT WORTHY (hands bowing)… IM NOT WORTHY (hands bowing)…

        hehehehe…Congratulations for the new achievement of Strange Fruit 2nd time being featured at the home page…my day wouldn’t be complete if i didnt checkout chicogarcia.wordpress.com

  1. i guess they could trace that through DNA tests as long as walang ibang nahalong DNA sa water bottle na yun..


  2. wow… kahiya-hiyang nilalang… chico, greet me naman tomorrow… kapag nagsesend ako ng entry laging no name eh.. haha.. yung top 10 ng 8am,, yess! thanks in advance…

    truly your no 1 fan..

    -no name-

    joke, im Paul, paki greet din yung gf ko na mahal na mahal ko si marie asuncion.. love her so much! gudmorning del =)

  3. Sue the water bottle maker. It should have come with a label to warn consumers not to put man juice on it when in use. Otherwise, you’ll feel sick.

    Kidding aside, if it was true, the guy was just trying to keep it clean. Poor bottle, case of wrong place, wrong time.. 🙂

  4. hahaha, chico. i thought this entry was somewhat national geographic-ish because that volcano was the first to capture my eyes.

    i am just wondering, he must be a great shooter! imagine having to shoot his “perms” into the tiny mouth of a water bottle? lol.

  5. so that’s what i heard from u the minute i turned my radio this morning as i drove my wife to work, caught just a glimpse of it lang kc earlier.
    true, that can easily be identified thru DNA testing, and yes it can last with water. the thing with water is that it kills off the sperm from the semen and cannot be potent for it for conception. it can’t be possible for a female getting pregnant by oral means though.
    it’s ok to call someone half-fil as long as that someone claimed he/she is such in the 1st place, right?

  6. Hi Chico,

    I’m your a blog reader. Every day I watchout for your updates and Top10. Akala tuloy ng husband ko kung sino si Chico. I said he’s the one I’m listening with Delamar every morning in the MOrning Rush! I also found him laughing one time when we’re having a breakfast together while we listen to your Top 10. Crazy! Crazy!

    Pakigreet mo naman ako… sana between 6-7am kasi I won’t be able to listen beyond 7 because I’m off to work to Calamba.

    Many thanks, Chico!

    Cherry of STMicroelectronics

  7. i’m wandering, bakit kasi hindi nya tinitignan muna yung iniinom nya? hindi ba nya naamoy yun? o baka naman hindi permacola ang ininom nya, baka naman chlorinated water lang. 🙂

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