8 comments on “The Top Ten Office Bloopers

  1. these are real though rephrased as i cannot remember in verbatim. names have been changed to protect privacy. lol

    boss2: please turn off the /burb/
    employee: (huh?)
    (what the boss wanted to say was /bulb/)

    employee (explaining herself to the boss): ma’am, i’m not trying to insinuate that…
    boss: insinuate, mary? what’s that, insinuate?

    boss: (angry at employee1’s missed scheduled client call) so, you saw the schedule and the telephone number, huh?
    employee2: i saw that there was no scheduled call when i ‘glanced’ at the computer screen.
    boss: so, you saw it. tell me the telephone number if you saw it.
    (glance nga diba?)

    boss: (in a memo for employees) don’t trash the trashes in the trashbin.

    boss: (in a memo for employees) “top 6 dont’s in my workstation” 1. never missed a class.
    (so ‘don’t’ plus ‘never’ means we must miss classes? negative + negative = positive, right?)

    interviewer: what’s your favorite color?
    interviewee: black.
    interviewer: black is not a color. give me another one. (note: black is the absorption of light in physics)
    interviewee: pink.
    interviewer: why pink?
    interviewee: because… it’s… fashion…nista……..and stuff…

    boss: (giving dinner suggestions to employees) you know, there’s a cheap restaurant there in ____ building. they sell meals for only 50 peso.
    (yes, wala talagang /s/ yung sinabi niya)

    boss: (to trainees) this is your homework: what’s the past tense of ‘must?’
    (wala kayang past tense yun)

    boss: (to employee caught opening restricted websites) carla, why are you always eating the Internet speed?

    boss2: i’ll be working part time because i have to attend to my lives.

  2. i remember subscribing to a girl named cat, i can’t remember if she’s from rx. back then, she emails you the top 10… i still have some of those emails =)

  3. fave ko yung “yes, lord god?” LOL

    and the applicant entries remind me of my own applicant interview experiences!

    so missing you guys, chico! my current job has crazy schedules and demands i can’t squeeze in my fave stress buster, the morning rush. nubayan, inactive rusher na naman ako!

  4. Its 12 midnight and I’m still reading the entries that I missed reading the past month. I’m laughing my head off in this topic! Muntik ko na magising yung roommate ko kakatawa! 🙂

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