52 comments on “Homemade Deodorant (The Update)

  1. gee, that’s something new to try,now that you have actually tested it, but will it hold to really hairy pits like mine? hahaha!

    • hehe maybe it will just take a little longer to apply? coz it’s like a cream/solid, so it might just take a little more strokes to apply.

  2. wow nice… hope this formula solves the problem of leaving residues on shirts which after a long time accumulates and become impossible to remove. The accumulated residue stinks a lot too even when exposed to just minimal sweating. Might try your formula..

    • yeah, try it for yourself. i never checked, but i guess it leaves no residue coz i don’t notice anything on my shirts. but for me it really works wonders, better than the commercially available brands!

  3. astig! congrats chico… ill definitely would try this (btw im a chemist/formulator in a pharma company and never thought of experimenting on deodorants…hehehe)

  4. That’s great, Chico. I think I’ll try that for a change. Rexona is a bit too expensive already and it seems to evaporate – or is probably used up more these days.

    BTW, what brand of VCO was that you used?

    Ever thought of using the other “flavored” VCOs in the market (banana, etc)?

    • as long as it says cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, any brand should do okay. i’d stay away from the flavored ones though. the purer, the better, i guess.

  5. Shakira and Beyonce must have been very pleased! Free of chemicals! How’s that? Thanks for sharing Chico. I’ll try to make one for myself. : )

  6. Soooo, this is the chicogarcia.wordpress.com I consistently hear every single morning on your show. I must admit, it’s quite entertaining and informative. Nice name, by the way, for the armpits. They have long kinky hairs. Mahahaba rin ba yung sa armpits mo? hehehe. Good job on the blogs and more power to Chix n Del and the Morning Rush.

  7. Cool chico! Will try it, too! Tell us if the paste dries agad in the container so I’ll make a smaller batch at a time… 🙂

    • it doesn’t dry! especially my batch because it came out runny. too much vco i guess. i’ll make sure to put less next baych.

  8. Perhaps another thing you need to check (or well, you might already know) is the shelf life, considering how organic it is. At least you’d know how much you’ll make at a time. This is really great, Chixter! I’m sure Shakira and Beyonce are both very happy with the treat you’ve been giving them! =)

    • yeah good point. well, so far so good. it’s still keeping pretty well despite the warm weather we’ve been having..

  9. I’ve been laughing alone in the office at the “Shakira and Beyonce” bit. Wonderful tale, Chico, thanks for sharing. I’ll give this a try once I get the courage. 🙂

    • it’s not as scary as you think! whats the worse thing that could happen? if it doesn’t work for you, then throw it away. you can use the rest of the ingredients for other stuff.

    • hahaha good point! without getting into too personal details, i really swear by the formula. it kept me dry, and kills all odors. i guess the cornstarch keeps you dry, and the baking soda kills the odors. diba you keep baking soda in refs to take the fishy smell out? same concept i guess…

  10. …or you can always use Arm & Hammer deodorant products (basically the same as what you made without the hassle. Arm & Hammer deodorants are available in major supermarkets. 🙂

  11. maybe this is whitening, too, considering that baking soda cleans ang whitens teeth and tiles. baking soda is almost a fixture in my kitchen, not so much for cooking but for cleaning like the tiles, toilet,etc. will try this one out though. thanks chico! di lang pampamilya,pang-isports pa (given that this will pass the test for people who sweat a lot) 😀

  12. So what about streaks? Does it leave any white residue behind? I was thinking of making some and put it in the deodorant containers you find online. This is great that someone else has written about actually trying it.

  13. I have used this recipe also, for over a year now. I added one thing to make it harder, candelilla wax (or you can use beeswax too). I melt it and pour it into old commercial deodorant tubes that I washed out with hot water and soap. I don’t think it actually keeps me dry all the time, but I don’t have the body odor problem I had before when using commercial deodorants, even the “clinical” super-expensive ones didn’t help! I get my coconut oil from here: http://www.soaperschoice.com. The price for one gallon organic extra virgin (7 pounds) is here: Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, QAI Certified Organic($3.90 per pound) 7 Pound Bottle $27.30

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