16 comments on “The Top Ten Television Quotes

  1. Waaa i did catch this top ten..hope there is a podcast for this one! I so Love house. Delle is right. I was just watching the other day and House is super quotable not in a cheesy way. Love the guy/ or whoever is making the character amaizing e.g Hugh Laurie, the writers etc,,,

    “Ah yes, Sodomy is one of the most common household accidents”- House

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  3. dr. gregory house also plays a role as a dog-napper in dalmatians 101.
    Hehe, can’t imagine a sarcastic doctor humiliating himself like that.. But it’s funny!

  4. i love the top ten..i love delle and chico..if listening to you guys on headphones makes me look like crazy (you know smiling on my own), then so be it..and oh btw, i use the top ten as a source of my status msgs on fb..^_^

    • ugh. i hated it. no offense to novak, i love the guy, but this was roger’s turf. he has won this for so many years in a row. it tough to finally see him lose.

  5. I’m hooked up into ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Got this from one of their episodes:

    Leonard: What’s that?
    Sheldon: Tea. When people are upset, the cultural convention is to bring them hot beverages. (a pause as he tries to think of what to do next, then he says awkwardly) ‘There, there’. (another pause) You wanna talk about it?
    Leonard: No.
    Sheldon: Good! ‘There there’ was really all I had.

  6. I can identify with you yun nga lang, my TV and I are still on a break! Yet, I am a true-blue couch potato! I follow A LOT of series – i download them or get the DVD. I cannot sit through commercials kasi – sayang sa oras. Salamat pa sa twitter, there is more reason to avoid TV watching without falling out of the loop. The local celebs kasi tweets the intriguing happenings in showbiz and they provide youtube links! I wonder why they don’t get reprimanded for doing that. Hindi na kasi pinapanood their TV shows – niyou-youtube na lang!

    • now i’m addicted to watching stuff on my ipod touch! i love watching while i’m in bed already. it’s my perfect night capper!

  7. (Queer as Folk US series ending) Michael: So the thumpa, thumpa continues. It always will. No matter what happens, no matter who’s president. As our lady of disco, the divine Miss Gloria Gaynor, has always sung to us: we will survive.

    oh and i love top ten hehe

  8. I remember collecting quotes from the X-Files years back. I loved how Mulder said to Scully, “You’re my one in 5 billion.”

    Pati Glee, maraming quotes. Kurt to Mercedes, “You look like a technicolor zebra.”


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