51 comments on “The Eraserheads Limited Edition CD Set

  1. It’s Raimund not Raymond. Not even a real fan and he gets this shit for free. While the rest of us mortals will have to choke on pizza for the next few weeks just to get a chance of possibly getting this. Some guys have all the luck.

    • Thanks Chico for the info.! I also bought the Anthology a few years back but this collection is awesome! I guess I’ll have to pig out to get this limited edition copy. Hehe.

      • i know right? if this “caturay” is a real fan, he would be shelling out his money for this limited edition item. tsk tsk.

      • Actually, another proof na hindi fan itong si Chico (pero masuwerte nga kasi taga-media at nakama-libre) is the fact that the E in the very first picture above, is UPSIDE DOWN. Haller, any eheads fan (kahit casual lang at hindi die-hard) knows that the E for eheads is supposed to be baliktad.

        Pati yung pag umbox nya ng set, baliktad ulit yung E.

        Actually, nung mag-pose sila for the pics, mukhang na-coach naman yata sila Chix n Delle ng Greenwich staff na the right way to pose with the box set is to show the E the wrong way. Ewan ko ba, bakit nung nasa bahay na si Chico e lumabas ang pagka clueless about eheads. Siguro talagang hindi fan.

        Kayo naman mga Chico fans. Paminsan minsan tumanggap naman kayo ng ibang POV. Masyado na kayong maraming nainom na Kool Aid. Pati mga hirit ko kay Chico pinepersonal nyo. Buti pa si Chico mismo, SPORT!

      • Caturay, si Chico ay DJ, so alam natin na he’s a fan of music in general. Kaya hindi naman siguro kalokohan na isipin na casual fan siya ng eheads.

        kahit na ba di niya alam ang spelling ng pangalan ni raims or di niya alam na baligtad dapat yun E, mas maniniwala naman akong fan siya ng eheads kesa kay John Lloyd at Chris Tiu. ikaw ba pinuna mo yung dalawang yun na nakakuha din ng libreng boxed set? tsk tsk.

      • Granting casual fan. May casual fan bang who gives a shit about a box set? Siyempre sa mga ‘real’ fan yun diba? O kaya sa mga casual fan na nagpapa-in. Or libre box set.

        Ituro mo sakin yang mga blogs ni JL at CT at tingnan natin kung may proof na di sila fan at magcomment din ako dun. Haha.

        Yes, inggit ako. Sino ba hindi? Going back to my previous statement, some guys have all the luck. Casual fan, libre box set! Real, die-hard non-media hampas-lupa fan who knows how to spell Raimund and who knows the name of the daughter in the above story — “Atari”– purga to death sa pizza!

      • why are you pouncing on chico for getting the free boxed set? it’s not like he’s rubbing it on the “REAL” fans’ faces that he got it for free, right? he blogged about it being grateful for an unexpected gift. what’s your beef? anyway, greenwich is not selling the boxed sets ONLY for REAL fans, they’re making it available for everyone who can PAY.

        you’re the one who must have drunk too much Kool-Aid that you’ve gone mad just because of this boxed set.

        you are pissed off with chico’s fans? e-heads must be pissed off with fans like you.

    • kung tunay kang fan, makakahanap ka ng paraan para makakuha nyang boxed set at hindi yung kung ano ano pang kasiraan ang pwede mong sabihin.

      pwe! you call yourself an E-heads fan? E-trolling lang ginawa mo e.

  2. Chico super thanks for that info! the moment i read this i immediately called our branch here but unfortunately they dont have it yet.

    where can i get it? =(

  3. Thanks for the info! After reading this on your blog, my sister and I immediately ordered the Bigatin feast to get the cd set hehe… E-heads played a big part of our college days!

  4. Whoah! EHEADS! Even though I don’t eat in Greenwich….I’ll just shell out the Php 2,499 just so I could get all the items! Hay naku!

  5. dami talagang inggitera sa mundo…s**t pala eh…why choke on pizza, ei?

    chix, bigatin…bagay na bagay sa ken yan! hehe. love d shirt! thanks to greenwich!

  6. Thanks for announcing this in the Morning Rush! I finally got my hands on my very own set today!!! I’m so excited to listen to the cd’s!! I want a long drive to listen to all of them! 🙂

  7. OMG! I don’t know how I feel about this! I really want to have the set but I don’t like Greenwich! LOL Rumor has it that this would be released to the public in November — no longer through Greenwich — and might even include DVDs of their concerts. I guess this is one case I should really keep myself from being an impulsive shopper! LOL

    • i heard the rumors too. they told us it’s exclusive, but who knows right? they could very well release it this nov.

  8. Chico. I got my own copy. OMG – I called 5-55-55. I took a picture and posted the boxed set and the pizza on my Facebook page. My cousins and siblings posted comments after comments saying they want their own copy. BTW – I also have the Anthology – but this one is Awesome. BTW – 2,499 I think is a fair price. I will pay for Eraserheads music anytime – with or without the pizza, the pasta and the soft drinks.


  10. and why does this have two versions?! yung isa metal box with the big E. yung isa karton with flower flower. see pic. shiiieeet!

  11. Hi Chico. I’m an avid but silent rusher and it was through your program that I found out about “The Heads Set.” I got one for myself last Saturday, Sept. 11. Unfortunately for me when I tested (and ripped) all CDs, I found that my Pop-U-Mentary will not play. On closer inspection, I think that I was just labeled bland DVD. Could you please direct me what I can do to get this error rectified? Any response would be great. Thanks and more power to chicogarcia.wordpress.com.

  12. nagdadalawang isip pa nga ako hanggang ngayon, kung bibili ako nung limited edition sa Greenwich…
    I am thinking kasi, na the regular set release daw is on Nov.. and better if included yung concert Dvds… and honestly, I’m not that too happy about that Greenwich. and I thought the POP-U MENTARY dvd, was the video of POP-U tracks such as Amen, So Right, Venus in the country, etc…. but I have the copy of those tracks… downloaded… nagulat nga ako nung nabasa ko yung POP-U thing… kasi, I was thinking na, at last, I can have the original copy na of that POP U!! but when I saw the content of that DVD included in that greenwich’s heads set, it wasn’t…..The good thing about that is, it’s a Limited Edition. and maraming nagcracrave sa “Limited thing” na yan….
    sana, may confirmation na yung NOV. release na yun… pag sure na, I will wait for that! syempre, with the digitally remastered POP U na, and concert DVDs…. kahit hindi na nila isama yung extended play nila na “please transpose”, ok lang… kasi hindi na si ely yung artist dun. . preferably, for Eraserheads lang talaga…
    hindi naman halatang ultimate fan ako…
    I have the old but original cassette tapes of the studio albums , and the eP…. they are all treasures…….
    mabuhay Eraserheads!

  13. Bakit ngayon ko lang ito nabalitaan? :(( huhuhuhuhu. Sigurado akong wala na nito ngayon :(( kung sakaling meron pa, saan kaya?:((((((

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