13 comments on “The Top Ten Happiest/Saddest Quotes

  1. # Cheryll – “When love is short, forgetting is long.”

    i think this is a rephrasing of pablo neruda’s line ‘estan corto el amor, y estan largo el olvido’ (loving is so short, forgetting is so long) from the poem “puedo escriber las versos mas tristes esta noche” (tonight, i can write the saddest lines).

    i’ve know this for almost eight years now but Cehryll gave it another meaning/level by adding “when.” now, the line from the poem is clearer and i SO can relate to it.

    nice post, pero mas marami atang saddest quotes compared to happiest ones. 😀

  2. M0st of thoughts although sobrang lungkot eh totoo talaga… Haaayyy…

    Been a quiet rusher since i was 15! Ü just a suggestion for the top 10

    “The top ten things you would want or wouldn’t want to hear on your funeral.”

    a little morbid but it seems like a nice topic.

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  4. “Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.”–Can someone please elaborate? I can’t quite grasp the meaning. Thank you!

    • I take it this means that whoever gives you happiness is someone that used to give you sadness because he/she is not yours. But then, when “unmasked” meaning, revealed that he/she reciprocates how you feel, then he/she is your happiness.

      I think. =)

    • it’s like you can’t experience joy without having experienced sorrow. so you find your joy after you unmask your sorrow.

  5. nice post. i remember listening to this on air and some of the entries really got me thinking. hay naku, ang gagaling talaga ng mga rusher! 😀

  6. Brilliant entries!

    18. KathyPie05 – “For once, I’d like to find someone who’s afraid to lose me.” >>> it’s the opposite for me….i’d really like to meet someone whom I’m afraid to lose…..

    36. Basha – “Sometimes the hardest person to get over is the one you never had.” >>> true!

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