23 comments on “Weekend Picker-Upper

  1. i’ve heard this khamaka brekker a few years ago. may video transcript pala siya. all the while, i thought it was hamote brekker. ek ek e r.

    LMNO is just one letter. panalo!

  2. I remember this call my teammate got.The customer called customer service very angry about a call he just got from the collection’s dep’t of his credit card.It went..

    Customer:(yelling) Stop calling me!Okay?Stop calling me!!
    Agent:Hi!Thank you for calling credit card services,how can i help you?
    Customer:(Still yelling) Stop calling me okay??Stop calling me!
    Agent:I may be able to help you with your concern,you can give me your account number.
    Customer:(STILL YELLING) Stop calling me!!
    Agent:(Now mad and also yelling) I DIDN’T CALL YOU OKAY? I DON’T KNOW YOU!!

  3. He sounded German for a while there, but probably dialect because K is “ka” in German. At 3:50, he said “Ich verstand is”, which might be in non-dialect german “Ich verstehe es” but he also said “Ich habe gemeint” which means “I thought” and “Ich go weiter”-I’ll go further but “go” is English and the right German word is “gehe” a verb declension from “gehen”.

    I think he’s confusing English with his German like dialect…

  4. wonderful clips chico 🙂 how on earth were you able to come across these clips? i love na naubos na niya yung buong alphabet at nagdagdag pa siya ng isang letter, ek. hilarious!

  5. I heard this a long time ago and I think it’s just a prank call just like “You kicked my dog!”. Funniest call ever. Listen to it.

  6. chico!!! i also have this X-factor video in my blog. ain’t this couple cute? i swear, i was still crying like crazy on the fourth time that i tried to watch it.

  7. the deaf tone teeners made me shed tears again. my second time to watch it and the emotions are still there. very raw and yet very uplifting or inspiring for that matter. “nothing’s gonna stop true love from conquering all fears.” nice one.

  8. “It’s not funny…” (uncomfortable, somewhat embarrassed and pained, look)

    not the best melodic duets ever, but probably one of the sweetest. (Had to check it out after you plugged your blog over and over again in TMR. hehe. Thanks for sharing!)

  9. we feel the same thing about Khamaka Brekker.. i wanna be his friend too. especially when he started singing “what am i gonna do? what am i gonna dooo?” :’)

    and don’t know why but i cried over the second video just the same. i’ve seen it before on FB and i re-posted it and cried some more while watching it over and over. if you’re gonna see a psychiatrist make sure to refer me. you might get a huge discount for “networking” 😀

  10. wawa naman si khamaka brekker caller… the telephone operator and the supervisor handled the call well… ang labo lang tlga ni caller.. super funny! i know last month pa ito na post pero when i think of khamaka, natatawa tlga ako. decided to finally post a comment. hehe!

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