38 comments on “Girl Throws Puppies In River

  1. this really breaks my heart. as of the moment, a co-worker is hurting the kittens here at our office. kapag ngumingiyaw ung mga pusa dahil tinatadyakan sila ng co-worker ko, grabe nadudurog puso ko. hayz, future serial killer tong bruha na to! grr….di ko masita palibhasa war kami! huwaaa…

  2. i can only watch a few seconds of the video. but once i heard the puppies crying i felt a knot in my stomach. i just can’t watch the whole thing ’cause i’m already crying up until now that im typing my comment. i feel sorry for the pups but happy at the same time knowing that they are all in heaven now.

  3. oh, sir chico.. this vid will for sure give me nightmares tonight… my dog just gave birth to three beautiful puppies, all of which are girl pups! i call ’em tres marias :).. and i could not imagine them being thrown to a river..they’re just the cutest and helpless little thing.. haaay i don’t understand, and i will never understand how someone could do this evil act.. god..

  4. Wow… I’m speechless. Sana sa akin na lang yung mga puppies na yun, kahit bawal dito sa bahay aalagaan ko pa rin sila. =(

  5. this is a true animal cruelty…but i have read somewhere that if someone, at this very young age, finds pleasure with killing animals could have this tendency to kill a human due to sudden outrage of emotions (psychologists, fill me in, please) I think this girl needs help, too.

  6. oh my gosh, she’s so cruel to those helpless puppies. pati un kumuha ng video walang puso. puppies and dogs are supposed to be man’s bestfriend. i really hope authorities would put a stop to this animal cruelty.

  7. dear God! i wish i was at the other end of the river to save these puppies. this girl is troubled to have done this kind of cruelty. poor puppies 😦

  8. sana nung 2 months old palang tong girl na toh, ganun din ginawa sa kanya either ng yaya nia or ng parents nia…

  9. Are u fucken kidding me plzzz some one tell me who this whore is so i can break her legs and drown her slowly wowwww im a veterinary tech and im still crying over this .. and im ashamed to say im from bosnia wow kurvo jedna

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