71 comments on “Skin: A Nude Photography Workshop

  1. Sabi ko na nga ba eh, parang may wings ang aking kamay to visit ur blog, un pala andito na ang much awaited nude photos. hehehe.. It’s a nice one, Chico. I’m not into photography, but it is artistically done. Keep it up! Beautiful model huh. 😉

  2. I’m surprised and shocked about the set, malayo ung set sa inaasahan ko, the model posed with courage, some poses are visually wild. I don’t know muvh with the craft but I must say congrats Chico for another experience gained with photography.

  3. Very nice, Rico! Although, I still prefer nudes in black and white, in any medium. But every now and then it comes out really beautiful especially when your model has that perfect ‘kayumanggi’ skin tone. Let me know when the next nude photo session comes… I want to join.

  4. WOW! These are incredibly beautiful shots coming from an amateur nude photographer. Keep up the good work chico and someday we might just have that rusher’s nude photo session purplerose suggested. 🙂

  5. I also took Leo Castillo’s Photoworks class! I haven’t been as serious about photography as you, though. 😦

    For a person who doesn’t like to interact with models, these are pretty good pictures! Maybe she had ESP or something. Most likely you had good angles and great timing.

  6. You know what Chico, I really waited for this post as you announced it over the radio. As I said before my boyfriend is also into photography and at first when he said to me that they will be shooting a nude photo… shocks! As you said the stigma attached to it! I trust my “Bamm” though… but the I’m thinking that those models were nude! (my thinking were running like I must the only one whom he must see in nudes.. hahaha?)

    But now that I have read your post.. now I do understand what art is… what’s nude photography is… and I’m looking forward to be one of those nude models too… hahahaha…

  7. Woah! Woah! So hot!!! pati ako naging hot pakiramdam -drools- lmao.. I wonder pano napigilan ni chico na lumabas yung pervert side nya when he took those pictures? Just kidding, napakaprofessional kaya ni idol chico..


  8. FINALLY i get to see your photos. I’ve been checking your blog every single day ever since you mentioned that you had a nude photoshoot. For someone who claims to be an amateur in this, your pictures look pro. I like how you have built the suspense in the sequence of posting the photos. Voila! The last picture was amazing. I also particularly like the “profile” angle…very artistic shots..so when do we get to see Delle pose for you? HEHEHE! Peace!

  9. wow Chico! so AMAZING! hindi halatang first time mo… the photos are really very beautiful and artsy… I LOVED the first two photos and the last two… ang ganda rin ng model, she has that very Filipina color, kayumanggi, ang ganda ng skin color talaga, very warm and inviting…


  10. I appreciate the very first & last photographs. Well defined muscles…nice form & skin tone.

    I don’t get the heels & lingerie. Maliciousness aside…too commercial. Still referring to the “heels & lingerie” photographs, with such lighting,- no body make-up?

  11. wow! you’re an inspiration, chico!

    i thought before that photographs tend to appear more pornographic than nude paintings/drawings… well, yours was definitely artsy fartsy stuff. great photos!

    although the heels and lingerie thingy…too FHM-ish for my taste. 😀

  12. Wow! Looking at all these photos made me forget about everything…including the niluluto kong sinaing. Tsk tsk tsk. I will eat tutong later tuloy. Tutong? Tutong!!! Oh no, tutong! 🙂

    Love all the photos. I’m a fan.

  13. hesusmaryosep! ayan ba ang nude photos na kuha ni chico, e, ako kaya kelan nya kukuning model? (my lola said as we checked your photos). huh?! lola, for Halloween special shoot daw po kayo. 🙂 *sabunot from lola.* 🙂

  14. wow! hubo’t hubad ganda ng kuha ni chico, sana magind ganyan din ako…. nude model! Wala ba kayong mga kama???

  15. I agree with some of the posts, C. Each photo was nicely done, but the more artistic ones turned out to be the total nude ones, yung hindi kita yung lacy undies or high heels. Pati yung hindi tinatakpan yung nips, mas maganda kung upper arms sa angles lang natakpan, yun bang hindi deliberate.

    JMHO. =)

    • yeah, i agree. i really had a difficult time choosing which pictures to post because i really liked the completely nude pics, but not sure if it will be good for the blog.

  16. Chico you really did a great job!!.congratulations!..waiting for your male model version, i already said it to you and i think Del will love it too..^0^

  17. Hi, chico. Ang galing naman. Iencourage mo rin c del n magpose pero un pang fhm lng . Sure ko mag fofour million hits mo, congrats,. I luv ur duet pala knina n pangbroadway. But . Its really amazing n pagpunta ko ng blog mo un nude pics ang hinanap ko. He.. He..he.. He

  18. Wow! for me maalangan talaga ako at first because i’m shooting a nude model in front of me and i admit that, pero iba talaga kapag naka experience ka na ng photoshoot na katulad nyan.

    i will be taking lesson din kay sir Leo in the future and happy to see great outcome from one of his student.

  19. Wow! for me maalangan talaga ako at first because i’m shooting a nude model in front of me and i admit that, pero iba talaga kapag naka experience ka na ng photoshoot na katulad nyan.

    i will be taking lesson din kay sir Leo in the future and happy to see great outcome from one of his student.

  20. omg chico… i never thought you have this kind of talent… hearing your morbid talks every morning… who would have thought… great job… (i’m wondrin’ what’s running into your pervet mind while doing this photoshoot… just kidding…

  21. great job!! nice photos.. now i am not afraid to show off my body to anyone who love to take pix on me.. keep it up..

  22. Great photos! I just caught up to your “Top Ten Things To Say During a Nude Photoshoot” topic and I have to say, human nature comes second… I love the shots! Go Art!

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