26 comments on “G11 versus S90

  1. I say go for the G11 Chico. Aside from the fact that it looks way cooler, its handling is way better. It has more direct access buttons to let you get to the things you need to change faster. Since its bigger, you get a better grip and feel for it. If you haven’t been using a point and shoot lately, you’d be more comfortable with the G11. (I tried practicing with my wife’s Panasonic Lumix DMC as a backup camera and I just keep looking for the bulk my dslr afforded me.) Plus, it give’s you more external flash options should you decide to into, say, macro photography in the future. Given that they have the same sensor, image quality differences would be negligible. Besides, you could always shoot Raw and just post-process.

  2. Chico, i recently bought the S90 and it’s great! i’m working in the Caribbean and just started to take diving lessons.. my canadian friend has the G11, a bit bigger but works almost the same as my camera. i take better pics though, i guess it depends on who’s taking them.. and i admire your pictures so either will be alright, but i suggest you go with the cheaper, of the same quality one. 🙂

  3. hi, chico! i bought my husband an s90 and he usually brings this instead of his canon 7D na. before, he used to say, it will be for his “just in case”… he likes that it is very handy without sacrificing sharpness and the other stuff you need for walk abouts. now, whenever we travel, he leaves behind his 7d, just takes his s90. anyway, i’ve got my nikon D90 and lx3 anyway! yes, ganyan kami mag biyahe- mas maraming camera kesa sa tao! hahaha!

    by the way, how much is the s90 now? i got it in may for Php17,500.

    g11 is quite bulky, especially if it will be mainly for your underwater camera, me thinks.

    it took me weeks of research in the net before deciding between g9 (at that time) and an lx3. i am so happy that i have a “big” (D90) camera and a “small” (LX3) camera. G11, i consider a “Medium” camera. hehehe…

    Whatever you choose, you won’t regret it! 🙂

  4. Hi Chico! Check out the new s95 🙂 It’s much better than G11 and S90! 🙂 Very Handy. I guess I’m gonna buy next month before going to Bali! 🙂

  5. You already have a DSLR,right? Go with the S90!

    The big differences between the two:
    * The focal length (105mm for the S90 and 140mm for the G11)
    * The flash
    * Manual controls
    * G11 has poor color quality
    * S90 has great image quality
    * Obviously the G11 is bigger than S90
    * G11 has the hot-shoe

    My vote is S90 Chico!hahaha…

    Thank you!

    Kim Banson

  6. i would go for s90. g11 is great if you are more concern of the form factor, flash hot shoe, swivel screen, etc. all these wouldnt matter if you are 100 feet submerged in water. s90 is a workhorse and looks classically sexy in every way.:)

  7. buy the s90, if you can wait for s95 its better…

    check ebuystore.com.ph.. they sell canon g11 and s90 for cheaper price..

  8. Since I have absolutely no idea whatever when it comes to cameras and photography, I would just like to say that I would be willing to contribute to your class of nude photography by being a cleavage model. Cleavage lang kasi yun lang ang maganda sa kin. hahah!

    Louise =)

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  10. Hi Chico! I have both and I could say that S90 is the way to go. It’s more compact, looks cool (which means you can take it to parties/events) and I find the colors sharper! Goodluck on your choice!

  11. Purchasing dilemma. That happens to me every time. These are the questions I ask myself before making a purchase:

    1. How frequent will I be using it?
    2. How long will I hold on to it until the next/upgrade comes in? (Cost/time = cost per day)
    3. How’s the resale value?
    4. What is more important for me? capability (tech feature) or portability (weight)
    5. What technical feature of the model is most important to me?
    5. How much am I willing to shed?

    They all would have wow factor/s. At the end of the day, it will all come down to as how much are you willing to spend? At what amount are you comfortable of spending?

  12. Hey, Chico! Wow, pogi points for Canon! 🙂 I’m maro, a silent but avid fan of TMR who happens to be a part of Canon Philippines’ camera marketing group.

    My thoughts: Both cameras are excellent back-up compacts for DSLR users because both give you full manual control and are capable of shooting RAW.

    If the compact size is of primary concern to you, go with the sleek S90 (or S95). But if you want a compact camera that still feels and functions like an SLR, go with the rugged G-Series.

    For you specifically, I’m leaning towards the G because of the vari-angle LCD screen. You can tilt it to help you shoot at odd angles. From our dialogues with the diving community, the G series is also more popular for underwater use.

    The S90 has a wider aperture (largest at f/2.0, vs the G at f/2.8), but the two items mentioned above seem more relevant for your use 🙂

    Lastly, I know you can get cameras at much lower prices online and in some gray resellers. BUT if you buy from legit stores (or direct from Canon!), you get free 3-Year Warranty (among others things). Oh, and peace of mind about the integrity of the product! 😀

    Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if there’s anything we can help you with! 🙂 maro_torres@canon.com.ph


  13. Hi Chico,

    If you’re torn, check out dpreview.com. They have a side side comparison of cameras.

    If you’re going to use if for underwater, go for the S90. The G11 has extra features more or less “useless” for the purpose. But if you have a DSLR already, I suggest the S90 since its much handy than. G11 can be bulky and mimics the DSLR qualities.



  14. I’d say get neither and go consider the Panasonic LX3 or the newer LX5 when it comes out. I’m a DSLR user and i rarely bring out my dslr when i got my LX3.

  15. Haha this is now going to be a G12 vs. S95 dillemma. anyway, chico let us know which one you end up buying. i’m looking to buy one myself so your blog entry is actually helping a lot.

  16. Hi Chico!

    I’ll say go for the G11. I’ve got the older version which is the G10. They got the almost same specs but the difference is the just the screen of the camera. With the G11 you can change their lenses, that’s a plus.

  17. Hey, chico! I know this isn’t exactly the most professional thing to do, but let’s just say I’m messaging you now as a TMR fan 😀 We sent you invites to the Canon Winter Wonderland launch on September 21, Tuesday, so you can try out the new S95 and G12. It’s going to be at EDSA Shangri-la, so very near your office, really! 🙂 It would be fantastic if you and Del can go 🙂


      • Didn’t get an email but I hope you got the invites! 🙂 Posting the details here, just to be sure:

        Winter Wonderland: A Canon Launch Expo
        Exclusive Press Launch @ 11:30AM to 1:00PM
        21 September 2010, Tuesday
        EDSA Shangrila Manila (Isla Ballroom)

        Six new cameras and a printer will be unveiled 🙂

        Hope to see you and Del there! Cheers! 🙂

  18. hey Chico,

    I have a G11. I like it because i can easily view and change the ISO and EV settings without having to look into the screen. Another great thing about it is the articulating screen. Aside from these, it has also a number of neat features such as a built-in ND filter, 2 custom modes (S90 only has one), a hotshoe, and even a crude optical viewfinder. These are all advantages of the G11 over the S90.

    I imagine that none of these features really matter when all you want to do is use it underwater. This is why i think you should get the S90 instead. Its compact form and underwater casing are huge plus points for this baby cam.

    A better suggestion, though, is to go for the S95. HD videos from underwater has the potential for awesomeness! =)

  19. You can shoot directly with natural light, so the look of your photos is much better than those taken with flashes. This canon digital camera has a megapixel sensor with an image processor for improved low light performance and better image quality.

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