10 comments on “The Top Ten Most Memorable Headlines

  1. chico, since you’re posting the entries here, maybe you could also post the hyperlink to blueritz’s mediafire uploads.

  2. hi chico! good thing we have internet here in singapore. at least we can listen to you and delamar through the internet. and i can still re-live the top tens that you have discussed when i was still back in the philippines. pampatanggal lungkot at homesick. 🙂

    Angel Shadowsong/Benjai Bonita – “Baklang Umawat Sa Away Ng Mga Pogi, Napasubo!”
    –> bumenta ‘to sa akin! natawa talaga ako..

    chico, is it possible that you also use facebook to show your everyday top ten so that listeners outside the country (especially chico&delamar fan like me) can also participate? thanks a bunch!

  3. Hahahaha nice one!

    I told my friend these headlines:
    McDenzel – “Kambing, Nag-Text: ‘Dito Na Me-e-e-e-e!’”
    RC and Cess – (As an answer to the goat headline) “Tupa, Nag-Reply: ‘Saan Ka Na Baa-a-a-a-a?’”

    My friend replied — “Baka sumingit: Ang corny mooooooo-oooo-ooo”

  4. I found this on Facebook, from a fan page.

    “Daniel (Padilla)* kalalaking tao, endorser ng sanitary napkin.”

    * He was the nephew of Robin Padilla.

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