25 comments on “Videos I Like 13 (The HAHA Edition)

  1. Penis mistaken as a weapon. Haha. You can see that the policeman really felt the weapon. Super hilarious.

    I also love the water bed prank. I used to watch Just for Laughs, a prank show from Toronto, super funny pranks. I’m not sure but I think QTV airs episodes of this show.

    Chico, pa-advertise uli. Guys, humor me again. Read my newest post at littlemisschatterbox89.wordpress.com. I was supposed to comment about my blog at your last post kaya lang hindi appropriate. =D

  2. winner!winner yung first video!if im not mistaken,one of them is Veejay Floresca.Fashion designer siya na nanalo sa Project Runway ist season!

  3. Chico, thanks for posting these funny vids. They made me laugh–at least it got my endorphins going. I broke down today after holding back my emotions, knowing I can’t speak to my Chinese colleagues with a straight face. Monday was tough on everybody.

      • Hi Chico,
        Thanks for sharing the vids.
        Napanood ko din si Veejay sa TFC last year. Nanalo kasi sya sa Japan Fashion Competition sa Tokyo. 😀

  4. Yup its Veejay Floresca. He did my friends wedding gown! so hilarious! look at 1:41 how the guy sa right did a moment.. panalo! =)

  5. ahaha!add pa,yung isa pang guy sa 1st vid was Maritn Bautista,fashion designer din.ahaha!favorite ata siya ngayon ni ms. Kris aquino!
    Thanks sir Chico sa pagReply!got kilig!hehe

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