39 comments on “Media Guidelines For Hostage-Taking Crises

  1. I definitely agree with redefine or maybe revision of law concerning media with this kind of situation. Nag-uunahan kasi sa tv ratings. Dapat managot din sila not just PNP. Well at least PNP admitted na may pagkukulang sila.

  2. I was all the more very disappointed at how the media reported the aftermath of the hostage drama. This morning, a friend of mine told me how a popular TV news anchor described the rather gruesome and graphic scene from inside the bus, particularly the status of Capt. Mendoza. I agree, what he did is utterly wrong and there’s no way it can ever be justified. Nonetheless, he’s someone’s father, husband, son, brother, friend — they don’t need to see on national TV how bad he got it in the end. Same thing goes with the families of the HK/Chinese nationals who got killed. I hope these “big” TV stations learn to respect their privacy during their time of grief and stop sensationalizing EVERYTHING. We don’t need drama at other people’s expense. If I want drama, I’ll watch my regular TV series, but I won’t entertain myself with other people’s misfortune.

    • but i guess our news evolved this way. even the way we deliver the news is unique in the world. the tone used by most anchors have a very aggressive sound. maybe for better effect?

    • only they would know in their heart of hearts. i doubt if the people concerned would publicly admit it though.

  3. The same spoiled brats in the news media that aired the non-news outburst of Coco Quisumbing against their pasaway ways have blood on their hands. Sad part is that they refuse to see the error in their ways. They would not change unless they see the need to change. E magaling nga sila e. Bakit pa magbabago?

  4. My thoughts exactly.
    I was actually busy finishing my job when this was happening. I only heard some bits of the news from the taxi’s radio and manong taxi driver filled me up on the details. I actually felt sorry for Mendoza. I mean no disrespect to the families who suffered due to this hostage situation. But the thing is, I can totally understand why and how Mendoza got there. Let’s face it, the government in our country is very questionable. Imagine how it would feel like to spend your entire career in service to a country you deeply love and near the end that country decides to stab you in the back. From what I read, aside from the incident that caused him to be dismissed from the PNP, Mendoza did not cause any trouble. In fact, he was a well awarded policeman. He was obviously extremely troubled when he decided to execute a hostage situation. I did not see any video footage so I am not really sure. Ah, life.

  5. i got pissed off with this reporter last night asking a member of the police/SWAT on what their next tactic will be… on live television. There goes the preemptive strike.

    • yeah, hopefully we don’t commit the same mistakes again. better yet, hopefully there’s no “again”.

  6. I totally agree with u mr. Chico Garcia..

    mediamen should know the limits of the so called “Press freedom.”

  7. I totally agree with u mr. Chico Garcia..

    “mediamen should know the limitations of the so called “PRESS FREEDOM” everytime we’re facing a situation like this.

  8. I was really clueless the day this is happening. I rarely watch TV whether for news or entertainment.

    It was definitely another sad day for the country. However, it is even sadder to think that this will happen again in the future because this incident will not be a unique one unless there is a total revamp of our system and we, the Filipino people, as a whole would change and remain vigilant of this change.

    • yeah, everyone’s pointing fingers when let’s face it, in varying degrees, we all have a hand in how these things play out.

  9. Masyado inaabuso ng media ang “press freedom” at “democracy”. May isa pang TV station na defensive sa mga inere nila. Sana sa mga ganitong sitwasyon, isantabi muna nila ang “Network Wars”!

  10. i share the same thoughts as littlemisschattebox89, about how Capt. Mendoza finally snapped and did what he did. this definitely did not happen overnight – he has had this feeling of hopelessness and desperation over time. It is indeed sad (an understatement) that he involved innocent lives in his quest for “justice”. It was totally wrong, and I don’t care if those hostages were foreigners or locals. The fact that those were innocent civilians… it scares me too because it could have been any of us, right? It could have been another bus, establishment, whatever. The fact still remains that there is a real reason behind his actions, and unless that problem is addressed, another man in uniform will feel the same injustice, and will snap ang God knows what will happen and who will be there when it happens. How many disgruntled police officers and military men has done similar things over the past decade? Media training, police training – good. But what we need is government overhaul.

    • I just read a tabloid earlier this morning, it has an article about an interview with one of the survivors of the hostage taking incident. He said that Rolando Mendoza asked forgiveness when he was about to die to the hostages. The survivor said that Mendoza even explained to the hostages why he was doing it. He told the hostages that he was accused of something he didn’t do. The survivor said that Mendoza immediately changed when he saw his brother in a TV being arrested. That’s the time Mendoza started shooting the hostages.

  11. I have watched the movie, Mad City, starring Dustin Hoffman and John Travolta. It has a lot of similarities with the Quirino Grandstand Hostage taking. Dustin Hoffman played the reporter opposite with John Travolta as a desperate guard who wanted to get his job back in the National Library. Hoffman was able to get an exclusive report inside the Library and requested his camerawoman to plug it immediately on TV. Somehow it shows that the more compelling the story is the more it will benefit the station. =)

    • I know that movie.
      In my opinion one of the medias characteristic is to get the story as a whole or not to be bias in any report. so, i think what Hoffman did as a reporter was justified but then again its just a movie, its scripted.

      In the Quirino Grandstand Hostage, the media was doing its part by giving information to the public but apparently they were irresponsible and forgot to think about the consequences of their live feed to the public. We could say that they might be passionate about their work but its still not an excuse.

      I guess right now, all that they could do is to reflect on what happened and correct their faults.

  12. Filipinos are affected by this incident here in Singapore. Its like one of the biggest (and hottest in a negative way) headline I’ve have heard so far here (its because they filter news here if its negative, you’re not going to hear about it) We are so affected by the reactions by the citizens and foreign people here when they knew about your nationality. When you’re asked, “Where you from?” I say, “From the Philippines (with a smile)” Before, they answer “really?” (in a positive way) But now, they say “REALLY?!?!” (in a flabbergasted way)

    I just hope that everything will be fine there. Kailangan na nating iangat ang Pilipinas. At magagawa lang natin yun kung magtutulungan ang kapwa Pilipino natin. I’m not trying to sound negative or anything but I’m hoping for the best for the Philippines.


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