37 comments on “CATS In Manila

  1. my first musical experience is cats… and it’s all worth it…
    ur ryt when u said that musicals of this kind should be explored by pinoys…

    i’m sure that we’ll make great ones given the huge pool of talent that we have…
    need not be patterned from their productions… but more tailored to the filipino sensitivity and taste… i’m sure it will be a hit…

    sana… sana…

    • i was able to catch the local productions of avenue q, they’re playing our song, jesus christ superstar and rent. very good versions, i must say!

  2. I read about this first when Lea made a sort of rehearsal journal in one of the dailies. I got excited and said that I would try to catch it. Unfortunately, I was not permitted the time.

    Haay…kainggit naman.

    But it really is something else when you watch plays. =)

  3. I loved the show!!!!! I’m a huge huge fan of Lea Salonga… she’s such an amazing talent!!! 😀 her voice just takes me away…..

    I get euphoric when I watch musicals…

  4. my husband and two sons, aged 13 and 11, were there and we all loved the show… Lea is really great!..’tho very short ang number niya.. we also watched her ‘Cinderella’ two years ago at the CCP..she makes us proud to be pinoy!

  5. wow si delle parang si Dita Von Teese lang !!! nyahahahaha pin up girl from the past decade ang dating !!! our first live musikal….. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal !!!! nyahahahahahahaha all fun at a lower cost.

  6. Hi, i totally agree with your Cats review, wasn’t too fond of Cats, i just want to watch Lea perform but the rest of the cast was great. Lea’s outstanding!!

  7. saw cats last aug 15. like you i was in awe. i was clapping the whole time. did you count how many spins mr mistofelees did? we counted and i think it’s 24! soobrang galing!

    the orange-y tiger-ish cat in the picture is the same cat that played with us during the show, and that silly cat took my bag too! 🙂 saya!

    • yeah, mr mistpheles was played by the musical’s dance captain. he’s usually played by the strongest dancer in the troupe.

  8. i watched it on the last saturday of the run. i loooved it! i was preparing myself to get bored since i read some not so glowing reviews. but boy, i had a great time! those two cats also came by our seats during the intermission. hahaha!

    when i heard you and delle talking about the two cats playing with her bag, i also didn’t hear that it was the musical pala.

    my favorite character was mr. mistofelees (sorry i don;t know the spelling. i didn’t buy the program- ang mahal!). i like the melody and would just imbento the lyrics….”tan-tan tananan tan, the magical mr. mistofelees.” hihihi

  9. Ah, so it was “Victoria” pala who played with Delle’s bag? I LOVE the Tagalog version of Memory! At first hindi I thought she was singing it in Russian pero nung medyo last part na, I was like, “OMG, she’s singing it in Tagalog!” I agree with you Chico when you said na it’s a bit boring (the VHS) and kaya siguro hindi nagustuhan nung iba yung play merely because all throughout the play, the cast were singing (unlike other musicals na nagl-line throwing pa then sing). Sayang lang you weren’t able to meet THE Lea after the show. Anyhoo, I hope you liked the signed photo I gave you guys this am. ❤

  10. and btw, you’re right! watching musical plays (or stage plays) in general are like ultimate in 3D. actually, buhay naman ang theatre world dito sa Pilipinas… yun nga lang, hindi lahat ng tao nag-aaksaya ng panahon at pera to go the theatre and watch it (kaya ang mga stage actors, butas din ang bulsa… not unless you’re big like Lea Salonga).

  11. Just wondering how the photos inside the show were taken…usually productions like these don’t allow photography or recording of any kind during the show like how it is on Broadway or any theater for that matter.

    • my friend brought in a cam, and they just told her not to take any pictures during the show. but during the intermission, when the cats came out, they allowed everyone naman to take pics. but once the show started again, back to no cams allowed.

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