56 comments on “Blue Ritz’s Podcast Is #1 in iTunes!

  1. Congrats Chico and Delle! Congrats to The Morning Rush! Congrats to Blue Ritz! Please don’t get tired of uploading TMR podcasts! Cheers!!! 🙂

  2. Nice! Yes, this is looks like from iTunes, given that there is a “Podcast” and “iTunes U” links below.

    Congrats! Whenever I couldn’t listen to you guys via streaming I make it a point to download from Blue Ritz’ site and listen to it while working. I already mastered the art of containing my sniggers whenever the topic is really really funny. 😀

    Blue ritz, whoever you are, you are a hero! 😀

  3. I love the Top 10 podcasts from Blue Ritz. I download them to my smart phone and listens to them on my way to or from work while riding the MRT lines in Singapore.

    Thanks to Blue Ritz kung sino man siya. 🙂

  4. Wow! Major discovery! Yes, Tago is correct. This actually from the iTunes store– where you download the songs, games and podcasts! This IS big deal, Chico!!!

    I didn’t know that your top 10 can actually be downloaded via the iTunes’ Podcast! I will definitely do that tonight! Yipee! Yipee! (hindi ako mashado excited ha. hahaha!)

    Imagine, all those iPad, iPod and iPhone users downloading your shows– they’re your fans! 🙂

  5. I hope blue ritz sees this. 🙂 Happiness! Sana nga hindi magsawa! I too am a frequent visitor of Blue Ritz’s site 🙂

  6. Hi Chico, To see it for yourself, Grab your ipod, ipad, or iphone. Open the itunes app. Check out the top podcast. That’s where I got this picture. It’s a screen print of itunes from my iPad. Happy to have made your day. And the top 10 makes my day.

  7. i concur! it’s from the i-tunes store. still number 1 as of now.
    congrats chico and del! best duo ever on radio.
    and oh, si blue ritz is such a nice person, on e-mail at least.

  8. i emailed blueritz a week ago for an mp3 copy of the topic i suggested way back in April, beacuse i cant find it in itunes. And the following day he replied with the link to the mp3. thanks a lot blueritz. rushers owes you big time. congrats c&d. congrats blueritz.

  9. I’m glad I made your ( and all the other rushers’ ) day. I am one of the “silent” fans of the show and the Top 10 discussions usually crack me up and make my day. To answer your question – I got the picture by doing a SCREEN print of the iTunes app on my iPad. I know you own an iPod Touch – just bring up the iTunes app – and it will show the podcasts available for download. BlueRitz’s podcast version of the Top 10 is still number one as I type this comment. 😀

    • we would never have known that we were even in itunes, much less that the podcast is number1! again, thanks for the tip!

  10. yayy..
    i never knew what’s gotten to my pc that my live streaming isn’t working for a long time now..
    i am using tv antenna connected to the component just to listen to c & d..

    TY bigtime blue ritz!

  11. Yes, this is on iTunes. 🙂 I *discovered* Blue Ritz’s C&D Top 10 podcast by accident 2 weeks ago because I was on a downloading spree on iTunes while bored. Weeks before that, I already tried looking for a C&D Top 10 podcast on iTunes, but made the mistake of searching for ‘the morning rush’, and thought that there wasn’t any. ;p

    Here’s my screenie of the Top 10 under iTunes category on my iPod Touch –> http://yfrog.com/09photoanj

    Thank you, Blue Ritz! ^___^

    To you who do decide to d/l from iTunes, please make sure to rate and leave a review. It’s the least we can do for Blue Ritz.

    • hehe we’ve gotten a couple of texts saying the same thing! they text us answering the topic while listening to the podcast!

  12. coolness overload!~i am one of the many listeners of rx esp TMR,,and i hate it when i miss chico and del’s top10 for some reasons…so i am very much thankful for Blue Ritz’s podcasts,,,^^

  13. wow ang saya ko! kasi alam kong isa ako sa nagpanumber one ng podcast!:D kasi gabi-gabi ako nagdadownload e! at pinapakinggan ko every morning papasok sa work at pag lunch break.
    ang galing galing talaga ng the morning rush with chico and delamar!!!!!

    minsan pala naiisip ko, hindi kaya si blueritz si chico garcia din?? kasi minsan, pag walang blog si chico, wala rin recording si blueritz.. haha. wala lang!!!!:D congrats, chico and delamar! yu rakkkk!

  14. i am a huge fan as well! silent rusher for d longest time!!! yea blueritz makes my day too.. everday!!!!

  15. naks…congrats chico ang del…im one of the silents rusher from Tagaytay City and i’ve been listening to your program since 2001…i can say that i’ve learned so much from you…keep it up guys…before going to work, i never failed to listen kahit ung mga koreano kong students eh ang kukulit, i’ll make sure n tapos n ung TMR..hehehe, parang ok lng na maging single ako ulit kc kumpleto nko marinig ko lng kyo…i used to listen to ur show with my bf..those were the days,,hehehe…wooootwooooo….

  16. WOW!!! Amazing! Ang galeng-galeng! I’m so happy for everyone! una, for me kc isa ako sa mga laging updated sa pagdownload! hehe.. sa Morning Rush! and empre kay Chico and Delle! Thank you for always entertaining us, parang nsa Pinas lang din kame..

    Thank you so much kay Blueritz, sa walang sawang paguupload! 🙂

    Infairview, ka level nyo na c Taylor Swift, tweeting the same capture nya from iTunes tho sa top downloaded songs naman.. ibang level na to!

    Congrats!!! 🙂

  17. Congrats to Blueritz, C&D and to thousands, no, tens of thousands (or probably more) Rushers for making our favorite podcast number 1!

    Our next goal is to keep it at that position for the longest time! Thanks Blueritz!


    • that’s so true. neither the morning rush nor blue ritz’s site would exist without the great entries sent in by everyone!

  18. congrats to us! makikisali na rin ako. hehe. kc these last few weeks ko lang na discover ang saya at tuwa na magkaroon sa ipod ng top10 podcast eh. dahil nung 1st tym ko na try di ko naman madownload. na disheartened tuloy ako. tas try ko ulit sa 2nd time.’got d hang of it. na adik naman. haha. lam mo, chix. nag speaker pa ako sa work para mapakinggan namin ng mga ofcmates ko ung mga na download ko. at saya2 z naman na nai she share ko s kanila ung mga pasts topic super sasaya naman talaga. kaya thanks to BlueRitz!- di ka na unspoken hero ngayon. hehe.

    • honestly, even i’m a newbie when it comes to the podcast. i only started downloading since the playtime rush. i was curious how we sounded so i downloaded.

  19. This is awesome…just checked it right now and still No. 1 … my driver who used to listen to tagalog news in the morning whenever he drives me to work is now an avid fan of C&D … he even asked me one time to send an entry (hi hi hi) … now I will tell him that it is available in iTunes …tingnan lang natin, one of this days, he has a podcast on his smartphone …

  20. yes, this is itunes..
    go to itunes philippines..other people can’t find it kasi they’re in the US store.. 🙂

    congrats!! an thank you blue ritz!! 🙂

    • sana there was a way of finding out details like how long it’s been number one! malay mo, blue ritz’s site could be the mariah of pinoy podcasts! hahaha!

  21. yeah chico we owe blue ritz big time… btw, asan na yung copy hingi ko ng mp3 ng song nio? lagay ko lang sana sa ipod ko… cassete tape kasi yung akin eh hehe… and mayap a abak chico…..

  22. Hi Chico, I must admit am a lil bit technologically impaired, but im dying to download your podcasts.. I just dont know how to could you walk me though this stuff, ireally dont know how to download podcasts to my ipod vid. More power! am a BIG FAN

    • okay this is what i do. i go to the site, i click on the ipodcast that i’d want to download. then a player starts playing the podcast. i “save as” to the desktop, then from there, i import to itunes so i can upload it on my ipod. there might be faster ways to do it, but that’s my style.

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