35 comments on “The Top Ten Reasons Why Either Harry Potter Or Twilight Is Better

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  2. Aro looks pasty and Voldy looks like he badly needs a nose job but hey, Avada Kedavra is a more dramatic way of killing people! can’t wait for november! =)

      • of course, the big battle scene, especially when mrs weasley tells bellatrix: “not my daughter you bitch!” hahaha i can’t wait!

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  4. My top favorites:

    #17 – Salmon – Bella dies and I don’t even care. Meanwhile, Hedwig dies and I cry bucket of tears!

    #26 – Dwen – Twilight is basically Sweet Valley High, with fangs.

    #30 – Anathaleia – No character in Twilight even comes near the complexities of characters in Harry Potter, like Snape as the best example.

    In my opinion, the two shouldn’t even be pitted against each other. They’re not comparable. Not even close. As has been said many times before, Twilight is just a fad. Harry Potter is a CULTURE.

  5. harry potter is better.. di pa ko nanaginip na vampire ako or nakagat ng vampire.. pero napaginipan ko na may magic ako.. HP addict hehehe

  6. I’ve always loved Harry Potter but I appreciate Twilight, too. Not for the teenage-vampire angst but for my imaginations of the backstories of Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Carlisle Cullen; even the history of the Quileutte Tribe and the Volturi are worth exploring–that’s what I want to know about…but if Stephanie Meyer would write about these, I have a feeling that I’ll end up disappointed.

    • i guess the reason i wasn’t into twilight is the fact that i couldn’t get myself to finish the book. it just didn’t grab me, unlike the harry potter book, which engulfed me into its pages, hooking me instantly from the very first chapter.

      • I agree on your second point. I wasn’t “transported” into the books’ universe so to say. I read the entire series, btw, but it still had no effect on me. Unlike the HP series, where I got hooked to all the books. I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter and I get excited when I see an owl, even those in zoos. Haha

  7. hey, i remember this! My entry made it to d top half when this was aired. And this was when u were doing d premiere of hp 6. Kasalukuyang me kalyo ung daliri ko sa kakadial ng monster hotline trying to win tickets, tehehe

  8. I already like HP movies… then i watched Twilight saga movies, i even read the book and i fell in love with it… But when i started to read HP books, OMG! i love it! i love it! i can’t wait for HP7… JK Rowling is a very good story teller… full of mysteries and suspense, you’ll have no idea what will happen next unlike other stories which you can already guess what will happen next… it’s a book for all ages!

  9. i just heard about this a while ago, during your program.. obviously i missed it too!!! i’m one of the potterheads who do cosplay during premiers and promotional events.. good to know you guys are also into HP!

    will share this to other potterheads! 😛

  10. Funny I just re-watched all six HP movies then I came accross your blog. I’m a fan of Twilight, nung kasagsagan ng kasikatan n’ya because of peer preassure. Haha. HP FTW!

  11. I’ve been to different forums about the same topic. Pansin ko lang, yung mga twihards kaamihan mga jejemons (na imported). Abuso sa paggamit ng punctuation marks, caps lock, etc. And they lack the valid arguments to prove why Twilight is better…aside from ‘Edward is soooo hawt’.

    • hehe i usually stay away from this argument. basta ako, like what you like, and i’ll like what i like.

  12. I am neither a fan of HP or Twilight, but I must say I like Harry Potter better.

    Seeing Twilight made me think about those superhero movies with plots that suddenly become sappy towards the end.

    Panalo yung #21 entry. 🙂

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  14. I love this post so much. Back in high school, almost all of my classmates read Twilight. I borrowed the first book and I didn’t like the first chapter so I just gave it back. I also love how J.K. Rowling has references on real history. Like that of Fred and George, I think that was of twin princes of which one was deaf or so 🙂

  15. ,,, you know what !!! harry potter is better than twilight cause in harry potter you can feel the trill!!! than twilight more on love story such an O.E!!! HAHAHAH share lang!!!

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