42 comments on “Daddy’s Coming Home

  1. hey chico, there’s no video. or is it my connection? anyway, i’ll skip this muna cos i’m in no mood for crying. i already cried during mass this morning & unlike you, mababaw ang luha ko.

  2. aww. YOU POSTED THE VIDEO! haha. This video kurots my heart since I grew up seeing my Dad only once a year until my 7th birthday when he brought us with him somewhere in the middle east. I also had a hard time calling him DADDY coz Im not used to it. I would instead, spell the word like D-A-D-D-Y when I need something from him. hahaha! NAG-SHARE NA?????! hahaha.. More power to Morning Rush! Kisses to Delle. uhm, HUG na lang pala. haha! ❤

  3. thanks for posting this Chico nakaka relate ako my husband is deployed in Iraq right now hopefully he’ll be home before thanksgiving 😀

  4. My fave was the kid dressed as santa’s and then she uttered.. “daddy?” then cried..

    melts my heart…

  5. hey chico’. . .ur right with the 5:35 mark man!. .. .but i was caught first by the 1:35″ u can almost here everyone breaking down for every unexpected phrases that little girl tell his dad . .and the lady too’ meeting two of her fellows…tearjerker man. .. u know what,i think the thing that make them and everyone burst in to tear, is the enormous feeling when a long lost loved one in a sudden overwhelmingly fill the empty space inside our hearts .. when they erase the sense of loneliness, u know what i mean’ ……maybe thats it’.. is my feeling right chico? . ..ur makin great posts man’. . . . . .kudos to Chico & delle!! .. .ive been listenin to ur tandem for more than ten years now. . .its my first time writing to u & delle . .hope i could get a reply from both of u one day. . .have a blast!!!

  6. thanks for this chico. notice how they lay their heads on the shoulder when they hug? you can just feel the love.

  7. Awww. You are awful, Chico. Making me cry in the middle of the day. And I’m hungry to boot!

    This is really heartwarming if you have kids around you — children, nephews, nieces. Their faces never lie when you see their smiles. And when they missed you and you see them after a while, kahit 1 whole afternoon ka lang wala…haaay, nakakaalis ng pagod. =)

  8. this was the second time i have watched the video and i still got lumps in my throat. my daddy ain’t no soldier in Iran, pero nasa Iran din sya – nasa-IRAN ng hininga (i hope you got the joke ü). seriously, this made me miss my dad. i would never be able to run to him again and hug him and kiss him. kakainggit yung mga kids sa video. 😦

    • my sentiments exactly. how i wish my dad would also surprise me. but not now, ha! kasi he’s dead na. if he surprises me, baka ma heart attack ako!

  9. i have always wanted to tell you that i admire the way you put your thoughts in
    writing. I found out this blog through a friend and I never stop passing it on
    because it is very wonderful. you have your own way of touching our lives.
    Thank you Chico for sharing your talent. I saw this video on FB and it made me
    cry as well. I am here in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. and I have realized no matter how
    imperfect my family, friends I still miss them and I still wish to be with them.
    keep up the good work Chico! Kudos!

  10. i was like, “good god man, get a hold of yourself!” but the tears just kept on coming… di kayang pigilan.

    • same here. it took multiple watchings before i could finish it. i didn’t want anyone to see how much of a mess i could be by just watching a video.

  11. saw this video on youtube.. yeah, this one is really touching..
    hmmm you’ve been posting tear-jerker videos Chico.. how about this one, hope this video will make you laugh


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  13. hi chico thank you for posting this, babaw luha ko first kid palang lumuluha nako thank you so much! I’ve been listening to you guys since I was in Grade six on my home then in the morning when I was in high school..I’m 27 now and whenever I get to catch you in the morning I definitely tune in. More power to you both

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