19 comments on “The Goose Station

  1. Ei Chico. That after taste you noticed is something I experience when the food has too much magic ginisa or powder mix. The food will taste very good but leave a metallic aftertaste on your tongue. The heady feeling later is a dead giveaway. I deduced that after cooking a few dishes with it when those were introduced early on. Which makes me wonder if these powder mixes are BFAD approved.

    • maybe. but i dont know if such a fancy restaurant would use instant mixes. maybe it something else? i’d be shocked if they used magic ginisa.

  2. i was excited to read this because i love chef rob pengson , i was kinda sad that the food was not able to satisfy you that much.=(

    • well, this was just our experience. baka naman for other people they had a really good time there. i don’t want to make sweeping conclusions. its just that there were 4 of us, and it was quite unanimous that we were underwhelmed.

  3. Hi, Chico. YOu’re review just came at the right time! I’ve been meaning to try the Goose Station since May for my Hubby’s birthday. Now, my expectations are better… I like your honest review of it. I sometimes get a little skeptical reading all those glowing reviews from food blogs coz it might just be all media hype/PR. Thank you for being honest.

    By the way, you may want to try (if u still haven’t): Aubergine, Elbert’s Steakhouse, Bistecca, Tsumura, Lemuria, Sala, Apt 1B.. for the not so expensivo: the resto with no English name along Camia St near Rockwell serving Hunan Cuisine. 🙂 Let us know your experience. 🙂

    • oh wow, thanks for the tips! will definitely try them out. would you know if they have those set meals? we prefer those 5-course meals (or more) over ala carte, so that it’s more of a story than a one-shot deal.

      • Aubergine, Elbert’s, Lemuria have the set course menu card already that you can choose from. Sala you get to choose from the sampler set, Apt 1b & Bistecca – ala carte (get the spicy ceasar’s salad, truffle fries and the steak for sharing- for 4. Hehe) Tsumura- bentos and sushis (best sushi in Asia outside of Japan- according to Asian Wall St. Journal). CAV has set meals too – and they have very extensive wine list. In fact you can try them by the glass in their cute vendo-like machines. 🙂

      • hey chics! have dine @ goose station also 5 months ago…me and my friend are not that satisfied eiher…it’s a secret we were just curious how chef rob looks like in person hehehe!

  4. hi chico, i tried the goose station last night out of the hype and i must say i share the same opinion – i felt dizzy afterwards especially after that eggs benedict which is so rich (but i like the malasado yolk), my duck confit was so salty, i returned it but they told me its cured so the next serving is the same – salty. the macarons (had it twice, appetizer and dessert), it’s just too sweet. and they had repeats of the foie gras all over as well.

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