24 comments on “Weekend In Clark

  1. Hello Mr. Garcia,

    This is Princess Inocencio of UP Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon (UP SAMASKOM). We are holding a forum about the cross-over of traditional media to new media. This is going to be held on August 17 at the UP College of Mass Communication Auditorium from 1PM to 4PM.

    In line with this, we would like to request if you could share your insights and experiences as a speaker for the event. Being a radio DJ, we are confident that you are credible enough to enlighten us with the given topic. Attached in this email is our letter of invitation with the event details included. Should you have any queries, feel free to contact me via cellphone (09159891506) or email (princess_inocencio@yahoo.com).

    Thank you very much and we hope for your consideration.

    Project Head of Forum

  2. Hi Chico.
    Glad you enjoyed Clark. 🙂 I’m a Kapampangan too.
    So funny about the kapampangan words you know. Hahahah!
    “caragul ng buldit, asapu queng bola la lalam ng tete, taksiapo”.
    Do you really know what they mean? Lols.

    There are a few good restos in Clark, yeah, not that many. Too bad you didnt had much time to roam around and check. Visit clark again next time! 😀

  3. ahaha . . . im happy to know that you have a kapampangan blood. ay chico matula ku na kapampangan mu naman pala ing penibatan mu . . . ;))

  4. abe ku! kabalen ka pala!

    Like you, my mom is pure Kapampangan but my dad is from Capiz, so I too didn’t learn much of the dialect as I grew up in Makati.

    glad to know that you enjoyed your meal at C’ Italian restaurant. Chef Chris Locher is an acquaintance of mine.

    more power to your radio show. my wife and i enjoy listening to you and del banter and also the top ten list.

  5. nakakagutom naman yun! pero ang matulog matapos ang makasalanang paglunok ng limpak limpak na kaloridad (calorie)? ingat…baka maricoyan ka (nanakot pa eh, no?) but reading this post makes me wanna go to Subic (ive never been to that place!)

  6. Hi Chico,

    Who’s with you? Nakakagutom entry na to. I miss going to Clark with my friends. We used to eat at this nice resto offering Brazilian barbecue. If I rememeber it right, it is located on the rooftop of the hotel. Bukas pa ba yun?

    I’ve been a fan of TMR since God knows when. But like many of your fans, I’m just a “passive” listener. I’m also an avid reader of your blog but this is the very first time that I’m making a comment.

    Since late last year, when I decided to work abroad, I’ve not been able to listen to your show, sigh. Sometimes I could catch the last hour, that is, if I get to the office earlier than usual. You see, I work in Bangkok and there’s a time difference of 1 hour and my work starts at 9 (10 in Manila). So, I just read your blog to catch up on the Top Ten and of course on your escapades.

    More power to you and Dell. Love your blog. Please say hi for me to Dell. LOL! feeling close.

    P.S. Batiin mo na rin ako sa show mo….pleeeeeease. Thanks. 🙂


  7. hi chico!

    mumuran, mumuran, magkanta la reng asan
    lilintik, lilintik, magkanta la reng itik
    papatak, papatak, agkanta la reng tugak
    tutulu, tutulu, magkanta la reng hito…

    i heard you sang this one time on your show. brought back childhood memories..
    Godblessyou Kabalen. thanks for making my mornings happy.

  8. Chico! there is an Apple store in Angeles City/Clark.. you can find it in SM Clark, the store’s name is Xobni.. it’s at the second floor… and that street with go-go girls is called Fields Avenue… :p ….anyway, i enjoyed reading this entry… i’m also a Kapampangan.. glad to know you are, too… 🙂

    • hehe thanks for the info! i guess its better this way. my desperation couldve cost me a couple of thosand g’s. is all good, i have my charger back and it didn’t cost me anything.

  9. bummer! if only i knew that you’ll be here, well, im not really kapampangan,im originally from bataan, yet, work brought me here in clark. ive been a silent rusher (except for this one time that my entry was included on the top ten, well brad turvey was the one who hosted that episode. well i guess im not really silent as i proclaimed.lol) a few months after you guys started. like most of the rushers you guys have been with me through my ups and downs. you two were even part of my acknowledgement in my design book, way back college.

    i so agree with you with the food, Fields Av,and of course the PX goods. I swear everytime i go shopping in there, my whole paycheck for two weeks will usually be consumed.

    anyways, id love to pay a visit on the station one day and finally meet you guys.

    thank you for inspiring a lot of people.

    btw, im really into your blog that i even pm some of my closest friends so that they’ll start reading your blog too.

    take care chico. looking forward for more blog entries.

    • sure, it would be great to meet you too! and true, we plan to go back, even if only for C’ italian and the duty free.

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