26 comments on “The Top Ten Funniest Non-Joke Texts You Ever Received

  1. i can’t think of one i actually got right now, but there are lots of unintentional lols from http://www.textsfromlastnight.com like:

    (610): I saw your arrest video on youtube. you look so thin!

    (501): Hookup with hot guy from gym, check. Wake up to find he’s peed in my closet, double check.

    (731): who knew that if you vomit while skydiving the puke goes up towards the people that are behind you.

  2. OMG. I didn’t even know that I got into the top10. I ALWAYS try to listen hard especially if I sent some entries or greets- Now I learn of this more than a year after. Makes me smile ^ ^,

  3. naalala ko naki text sa samsung phone and she doesn’t know how to use the spacebar.. instead she sent her message all with + sign instead of spacebar…

  4. it’s a lifesaver!after a very tiring, toxic shift the entries made me laugh..endorphins!;D

  5. i texted my boss kung asan na sya…she replied…”antayin mo ko, malapit na”…or cguro green minded lang talaga ako

  6. One time nagpaayos yung kaibigan ko ng celphone sa store na pinagtratrabahuan ko. By mistake naibigay ko # ng mom ko instead nung sa akin. Nagtext yung kaibigan ko sa #: “Kailan ko makukuha yung 3210 ko?” Sagot ng mom ko: “Sino to? Wala akong utang na P3210 kahit kanino man.” Natawa ako nung kinuwento ng kaibigan ko. 🙂

  7. #13 i thought walang mali dito… nakakalito kasi

    meron pa isang lumang entry about sa funny text message

    Amo: Asan ka na?

    Driver: D2 po sa min git, sa puntin. (sa main gate, sa fountain)

    • i may have lol’d to this blog entry, pero napa-cry out loud ako when i watched the video from the link. it really broke my heart!

      sana kung nakakapagraise ng funds ang mga rushers para sa monster scholars, sana something for animals din.

      • YEAH, i know it isn’t actually the right venue to put this on, but where is? i just know chico is a dog and cat lover and i am not able to listen to morning rush recently because of work so i decided to post it here.

  8. wow, i’ve been silently following ur blog for so long
    but on this one i have to react & be heard… roflmaololz ^_^
    thank u for ur BIG laughing trip post 🙂 it made my day

  9. Chico

    Can you remind me please what does S stand for , in this morning’s entry?
    ASAP – ” Ang S_____ Absent Patay!”

  10. i asked the former yaya of my son where she is since she said she’ll be home anytime soon. my family and i are still on the road, and the yaya does not have a key to our house. she texted back: “lapit na ako. jeep na. d2 na me sa release ng tren.” look at how she complicated the spelling of a simple word: RILES.

  11. i was to meet a buyer for my ebay item that i sold to him:
    Buyer: Sir can i pick up your item in trinoma?
    Me: I can meet you at g4.
    Buyer: Sige dun nalang
    (few mins later)
    Buyer: sir dito na ako trinoma. SAN YUNG G4 DITO!?


    Yes this is based on a true story.

  12. lol i remember this one time i was asking my old driver where was he already. he texted, “nasa dusit motil aku” HAHAHAHA =))

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