14 comments on “The Top Ten Toughest Lessons On Love

  1. First!

    Actually, my first comment as well. I’ve been a silent reader for years. Chico, I can’t thank you enough for sharing the Top Ten entries on your blog.

  2. Thanks Chico. I needed this.

    (My first comment too, though I’ve been a devout follower of your program since I was in high school. I am unable to listen to your program because floods wiped out the car radio, so I’m very thankful that you update your blog regularly. More power!)

  3. # 1, very true!
    # 9, I think this is a line in one of the movies I’ve seen. The original line If I remember it right is” You cannot find love where it doesn’t exist, nor you can deny it, where it does”.:-)
    Hay… pag love talaga ang pinag-uusapan,whether (the good and the not so good side of it) the best talaga ang mga Noypi!

  4. How about “You never tell a girl you like her; it makes you look like an idiot.”

    Hey, Chico, I know you’re a huge fan of Harry Potter. Have you seen the musical parody by Starkid Potter? It’s hilarious. Check it out on YouTube: A Very Potter Musical & A Very Potter Sequel. It’s made of awesome sauce, I swear. 🙂

  5. pssst, chico

    i have an entry too…

    “TRUE LOVE means loving enough for you not to think of LEAVING at all!”

  6. ‘m also a silent reader for a year now..love #2 so much, really can relate to it, we’re having troubles with my bf of 5yrs, hope we can still resolve it..

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