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  1. Hi, Chico. 🙂

    I like putting together my own stuff too. I like the lip salve I make http://www.flickr.com/photos/magnifique_f8h/4505318105/ better than what I’ve bought from stores, so far. I’ve tried using VCO, as is, as a moisturizer when I ran out of Burt’s Bees Body Oil http://global.burtsbees.com/natural-products/body-bath/vitamin-e-body-and-bath-oil.html for my Chinese chicken skin. ;p Just use a few drops, and it does absorb quickly and doesn’t feel too greasy.

    I’ve also tried a few drops of olive oil in my hair, left on for 2 to 3 minutes before shampooing. Felt like my hair had a good application of conditioner. To make a facial and body scrub, I used some used coffee grounds (or granulated sugar, I’ve tried both. you might want to use a mortar and pestle first if you feel the bigger sugar granules are too rough on your skin), olive oil, honey and the contents of one vitamin E gel capsule. Use the scrub *after* you’ve already taken a bath and patted yourself dry. Put a little effort into it so it really does exfoliate (when my sister tried it, she said she didn’t feel any difference. turned out she was too timid applying it), but don’t rub too hard either. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse off with just water. Pat skin dry. My skin so soft and smooth. No need to spend money sa spa. :p

  2. Isn’t Tawas the original home made anti-perspirant/deodorant? It’s not really home made because you buy it from the store … but looking at the recipe – those ingredients mentioned also need to be bought from the store.
    A friend has hyper-hydrosis and he was prescribed this deodorant whose active ingredient is alum — I told him just to use Tawas — it’s a lot cheaper.

  3. i wish you luck and i will wait for the evaluation. . . will wait also for the picture of your armpit. 😉

  4. That’s quite adventurous. Let me share my natural regimen. I grew up using kalamansi as deodorant. I never used any commercial antiperspirant nor deodorizer. As much as possible I go for natural, at the least, hypo-allergenic products.

    Anyway, This minutes before taking a bath. I take 1 kalamansi, cut it in half, squeeze & rub the juice out of the 1/2 kalamansi on 1 of my armpit. I do the same for the other. Let them dry for at least 5, better 10 minutes, then take a bath, wash armpits with soap & water. As what we usually do when taking a bath.

    Depends on how hard you perspire. When I was still there in the Philippines, it’s my daily regimen. Now that I’m where it is so hard to perspire, 2x a week. At times I do the same for my neck, under the chin & shoulders.

    However you go with this, I hope that you’ll get the results you want.

  5. gawd, im laughing my head off reading this post. Im having images, images! Del must be warned, u might give her bibingka soon! Harharhar

  6. if i intend to stay home for the day, i use VCO (the same brand as the one in the pic) as moisturizer. i apply it all over after a shower, before toweling off. i like it more than the commercial lotions. if only i don’t mind smelling like latik, i’d use it even if i’m heading out.

  7. I don’t think I’ll be eating bibingka anytime soon 😛

    Seriously, VCO is definitely effective. Ipahid o inumin–it simply works wonders on you.
    Try nyo din i-mix yung honey and milk tapos apply din sa skin; after 5-10 min rinse.

  8. Hahaha! I can’t believe you’re really trying this! Oh well, good luck! And do let us know of the results. =) I used to try a lot of homemade stuff myself when I was writing web content for a skin care website. It’s fun, I tell ‘ya! Enjoy! =)

  9. my brother knows about this. he even tried that to his kili-kili and guess what? it worked. it’s so bango…

  10. Hi Chico, been a silent rusher for awhile and this will be my first time posting on your site. Im actually quite curious as to how this turns out. Hope you keep us posted, more power to you 😛

  11. Please please update us…I need it for my 9 year old daughter who needs to start using one. Maasim na, hindi na beybi ;o) I don’t want her to use the commercial ones, I’m not also sure if the tawas I make her put is also safe. Thanks!

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  13. Just read your follow up post. As an fyi, Dr Brommers stuff mentioned above can be found in any Healthy Options. Not affiliated with them at all, but just sayin’

  14. Oh I swear never to buy deodorants after learning this recipe months ago. There are lots of videos on YouTube and it really works, and after a while, it loses that coconut smell. I have a jar full of this and scoop a bit out with a popsicle stick. FYI tawas and commercial deodorants have aluminum and carcinogens – CANCER! You will sweat just a bit but it minimizes it. I read some people get a reaction to baking soda, so it’s best to lower the amount you put in then slowly build up and see what works for you. I’ve also tried mixing a bit of cocoa butter so you smell yummy like chocolate. I got a tub from Shopwise. Cheers. Hope you try it soon.

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