18 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That Someone Is A Call Center Agent

  1. i so agree sa lahat…i used to work in a call center and i do miss it…hehe…kakamiss mag auto-in at vgh!!!

  2. call center days = best times

    “if the person can’t speak proper english without wearing a headset..” heheheh

  3. sad to read all the stereotypes but true, i used to work for a year and my life begins at night and ends in day! ♥♥

  4. “Kapag may nakitang kang nag-iinuman ng umaga at lasing na pagdating ng tanghali.” This is soo true. I used to do this with my friends when I was in the graveyard shift. 😀

    “How do you know a guy works for a call center? Naka-jacket. How do you know if a gay guy works for a call center? Naka-shawl.” LOL! Winner to!


    “guys dont put customers on long hold and please minimize your ACW!”


  6. hahaha! nakakarelate ako! i used to work in a call center (call senner) before, pero nagquit din. 😦 hehehe!

  7. WTH, it gives me lotsof nostalgia while reading this top ten…”commendation here you go!”… i still think if id goback in this job in the future…
    segway, i missed lisnin’ to the morning rush… is there a streaming website for it? or prolly podcast?

    please lemme know…

  8. I’m a pending applicant in a call center nung napakinggan ko to and I don’t have any idea about this stuffs. 10 months na ko ngayon na nagtatrabaho sa BPO and all the entries made me smile.

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