7 comments on “Breastfeeding Cat

  1. @ wondering whether to watch or not to watch….of course, you HAVE TO! it’s a must see musical!
    the boyfriend surprised me and got me the best seat! ♥♥

  2. okay… so i had the video translated by my bf and he said, basically, it’s a nationwide travelling service kind of like a door-to-door service to breastfeed cats. As in humans-breastfeeding-cats. The lady reporter could be heard saying “Let’s feed the next cat..” every now and then. The first breastfeeding woman in the video said “..it doesn’t want to let go!”. Some women said “Cute!!”

    So looks like these women, who let the cats you know… “dede”, know what they are doing and this Japanese program serves a purpose – although strange even for the Japanese.

    There are many ways to keep a cat nourished so i don’t know why it has to be milk from humans, in the raw. 🙂

  3. What do we do when its feeding time? Let the cat in! Kitty doesn’t mind what milk and from where!If the girls are willing and wanting to breastfeed it, whats the crime? Kitty gets to go places and feed at many breasts! Fun for the girls and milk for kitty! Stimpy would love that!

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