21 comments on “Minna Bernales

  1. sorry for your loss chico, she’s in a better place now where she can watch down on all of you,her berks…

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, Chico. Please extend my condolences to Delle as well. I can feel your pain as I read your entry. I understand how you feel about having your friends as your family of choice. We are exactly like that in our barkada, especially for me being an only child. I cannot imagine losing any of them… It’ll probably kill me. Stay strong, Chico. ='(

  3. Condolences Chico, Delle…It couid’ve been so hard to accept that a very good friend left the place before us. I experienced the same when my high school friend died in an accident in 2004. I saw how hard it was because everyday,I peek into his ICU room window just to know if he’s still breathing. When he died, I could see him in my dreams – for weeks. One day, I had this feeling that I am keeping him from going to the “paradise”. Prayers helped a lot to accept the fact that a friend is no longer with me physically. Indeed, it took a long time.

    I will pray that this incident will keep your barkada stronger than ever… This may be a very childish quote but I feel that this is true: Your friend will always be looking over you from heaven.

  4. I really hate CANCER I hope soon they’ll discover cure for it…my father died of cancer as well it really sucks!!!

  5. i love you, Mins..I’ll miss you heaps…I already do 😦 thank you for being a part of my life…

  6. I lost a dear friend to colon cancer this year. I got the news about his death, weeks after. Before his death, I was told that he was already wishing to die because he cannot sleep anymore. The pain was getting to be unbearable at the time. That news broke my heart.

    I’m teary eyed right now just thinking about him. He was kind to me, he recognized my potentials, encouraged me and supported me to take on new heights that I myself didn’t even think I was capable of achieving. I had wonderful experiences with the old man, his wife, his peers and his “katiwalas”. Such wonderful people. I thanked my friend who brought me into their lives.

    Though at the back of my mind, I’m kind of thankful that the suffering ended…Still, it’s saddening to realize that you will never see their faces again.

    We just have to believe that they are now in a better place.

    My condolences to you and Delle.

  7. Condolences to you Chico & Delle, and the rest of your berks.
    I lost my bestfriend just last year. And even after seeing him lying “in it”, I still can’t absorb it. I can’t say that I have fully recovered from what happened but the thought of being able to be a part of the last 5 of his 18 yrs. somehow comforted me and made me thank God for the privilege. . Be strong please.

  8. I was moved by your blog , Chico. I shed some tears for I can relate. I’ve lost several people in my lifetime and it’s difficult.Condolences to you and Delle.

  9. i lost a batchmate earlier this year to cervical cancer. we had our 25th alumni homecoming jan 2009, she was diagnosed with cancer march of the same year, and almost a year after, she passed away. she was the same age as your friend. condolences to you and delle.

  10. Ron and I never got to hang out with Minna, we knew her…. like you said, by association. She was Sumi’s close friend. And because of that, she felt like a close friend as well. After visiting her wake last Friday, to say that we were affected by her passing is an understatement. I had to control my tears while we spoke to her cousin. And Ron literally broke down when we left, while he was driving. Her passing made us think of our family. Made us think of Jodie and how we should “give” her a brother/sister. Made us think of how short life can be.

    Really really so sad 😦

  11. Condolences to you and Delle, Chico.

    Be strong. My prayers are for you and the bereaved loved ones.


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