53 comments on “The Morning Rush (14th Anniversary)

  1. my condolences chico, del, and to your friend’s family. 😦

    p.s. parang di pa kayo friends don sa unang pic ah. pilit ang tawa ni delle. unlike the 2nd one. 🙂

  2. happy anniversary chico and delamar!!! thank you for keeping us company all these years. i’ve been listening to you guys since college (i’ve been workimg for 10, whew!) and you made my travel to school very bearable. god bless you both!

    ps: condolences to your loss :(.

  3. thank you for every craziness and all the laughter you’ve given us.
    you two are such a great source of inspiration…
    ; )

  4. Happy aniv baabyyy and babe.. I was stil in elementary when u guys first started the show. Ur lyk jennifer aniston na d 2matanda ang itsura. And at the same time like ellen na glowing. Naks.. I am a silent rusher. Silent tumawa. Silent humagikgik. Silent umiyak. Silent mag react while listning 2 ur shows.. U guys are like a pillow na kahit ilang yrs na ay ayaw pa rin itapon kasi you cant sleep w/o it.. Ur so comfy to listen.. Love u guys a lot! And i appreciate u chico and del.. U bring out the madness in everybody.. Sarap nyong pakingan. Taste lyk chicken..

    • happy anniversary chico and delamar (and to all the rushers)!!
      thanks for laughter and tears (because of too much laughing) you have given us.
      i really admire and envy (at the same time) your friendship.. 🙂
      you’re really a blessing to everyone in your lives, thanks for being part of
      mine (even if we have not met personally)

      p.s my deepest sympathy are with you on your loss 😦

  5. Chico and Del

    Do you know that your partnership here is much longer than other celebrity marriages? Grabe ha…
    Im looking forward to another 14 years of this phenomenal tandem…
    Kung baga sa ulam.kayo ang adobo…habang tumatagal,mas lalo sumasarap!
    More power to you both! Love love!

  6. Hey Chico and Delle, I forgot to greet you when I get to the RX hotline earlier (stupid lang).
    Nakaka-star struck kasi kayo 😀

    Thanks for making each day wonderful Bayb and Beyybii. More years to come!
    You always have a fan right here. Nhaaaks!

  7. happy anniversary c n d……..
    we love you…
    nakakakilig pa rin ang babe at baby nyo…hehehehe…

  8. I can’t get through ur hot, hot, hotline this morning. This is my entry: alam mo c phoebe makati ang paa. She can’t stay in a place or a job or a relationship for a long time. Pero alam mo c chico and delamar lang ang exception. Sa kanila lng sya tumagal ng 14 years! And by the looks of it, phoebe will stay an avid fan for as long as there’s a C&D. She’ll stay a rusher kahit ilang trabaho, syota, o sirang radyo ang magdaan. I thought i’d never say this to anyone, but i love you guys 😀
    Our hearts goes to you in this time of grief. Condolences 😥

  9. Hi Chico! I’ve been a silent rusher since 3rd year HS – that’s in 1996. Your partnership just started around that time lang din pala 🙂
    Happy anniversary! Continue to bring smiles and laughter to your listeners. Cheers!

  10. Happy anniversary C & D! You guys have been my constant morning companion since college up to now that I’ve been working for four years. When I have to stay up late to meet a deadline, all I do is listen to TMR’s old episodes uploaded in Blueritz’ site. That never fails to get me through. Thank you guys for making us laugh and for helping us start our day right. I hope you will continue with your show for many more years so that my future children will be certified rushers like their mom! 🙂

  11. hi chico, me and my tita are one of your silent rushers and we are happy for you guys HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 😀

  12. Dear Chico and Del,

    I am a silent rusher. There are times when you cheered me up during the saddest time of life. You are beyond Radio. You have a part of my family, listening to both of you every morning brought us together by laughing together.

    More power to both of you! Please touch as many lives as you can!

  13. Happy 14th anniversary C&D and to all the Rushers as well..thank you guys for being part of our lives.We love u babe and baby.:-)

    ..my condolences:-(

  14. Happy anniversary to Morning Rush! Wala na kaming hahanapin sa umaga kundi kayong dalawa.

    and condolences

  15. Happy Anniversary to all of us Rushers!

    OMG, 14 years!? So 14 lang ako when I listened to you guys? Akala ko mas matanda na ako nun. teka naiintindihan ko na pala kayo nun!?

    To the dynamic duo, the the shania twins, kikoy and kikay, chics and delilah…Congratulations! Natagalan nyo ang isa’t-isa for 14 years. ~joke!

    Kung anak nga ang Morning Rush, nasa puberty stage na yun…hmmm, tapos dalihan pa ng mga green-minded na mga parents…hay naku, maigi nga at walang anak ang Morning Rush! ~joke!

    Ay Lab Yu!!!

  16. if it weren’t for the show i would’ve never have met 2 of my best friends…thank you and i love you guys!!!

  17. Hi Chico & Delle,

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!..(better late than never!)
    It is 14 yrs!!!..I was still in college!..a sexy P.T. grad and now I’m curvaceous(dami curves) mom of 3.my kids listen to you guys while havin breakfast before goin to school.probably got curious why I was gigling and talking to the radio…thank you guys for making our morning happy and inspired!!..my morning is so light!.. and gloomy without you guys!you’ve helped me got thru my morning rituals (chores! =))!!
    Love you guys!!..get well soon Chico!!

  18. happy anniversary! i started listening when i was 17, turning 32 na ko ngayon, from my failures to victory, there’s always the morning rush with me, proud to be a rusher, love you chico and del! God bless you both!

  19. i’ve been a silent rusher na pala for 14 years. nahanap ko pa din kau kahit lumipat kau sa KC. and i can still remember na inaaway kau ng rushers sa ginawa nyo hehehe.. love you guys!!

  20. Hindi ako gaya ng iba na nakakadescribe ng feelings in so many words. Pero sana maramdaman niyo, Chico and Delamar, ang kasiyahan ko to have you to listen to as I say, or as I type, this one word for you: Salamat!

  21. Belated Happy Anniversary Chico and Delle! I met you once in UP, you were our guests in our org’s ACLE. Thank you so much for putting a smile (and even laugh) on my face every morning! More power and God Bless! =)

  22. Happy anniversary! I’m a silent rusher since the beginning of your partnership. Both of you are great influences of my life, keep up the good work! love you guys

  23. congratulations! you have the same anniversary date as my mom and dad. They just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary.

  24. Congratulations guys. Am sure your journey is like your blog title. Strange fruit. Be it the fruits of your partnership in radio or personal lives, the blog title says it all. 🙂

  25. ok din yung second picture nyo napaka appropriate..Chico and delamar riding with the waves…i love your show!!! super!!

  26. ang cute ng photo nyo ni delle sa unang part ng blog 🙂 again, happy anniversary! keep on rolling!

  27. Helo Chico and Delamar,

    Congrats! i really love your song duet played on your anniversary! Penge naman gagawin kong ringtone!

  28. ahh okay…late ako…pero may kasabihan tayo…huli man at magaling…LATE PA RIN! ahehehe
    Congratulations to the 14 years of keeping the show, the friendship, the tandem alive, happy, and strong! I know all of us is looking forward to more years of fun!
    Mahal ko ang The Morning Rush at ang lahat ng bumubuo nito… =)

  29. Late din ako. Pero babati pa rin… congratulations to you Chico and to Del. Thank you for being there. I guess my morning… no, my life won’t be complete without you guys. Thanks for the laughs and believe it or not napapaiyak n’yo rin ako (sa tuwa man o dahil may tinamaan kayo sa akin). You guys have been a part of me, more than friends pa yata. Parang I have an ate or kuya na nasa malayong lugar. Sorry, mahiyain lang din kasi ako kaya quiet lang ako nung pumunta ako dyan at may bitbit ng sangkaterbang Jollibee breakfast :p

    More power (showbiz greeting!) and God Bless to both of you, the station and the people behind the show…

    *power hug*

  30. kahit na belated, happy anniversary! and more to come..grabe virgin pa ko, may C&D na. ngayon nakikinig na ng top10 ung eldest ko (minsan lang rated PG dahil sa sexual innuendoes ni chico) 😀 before TMR, i just love RX dahil sa Riot and Back to the 80’s. yun pala mas riot kayong 2 ni delle. and i’m glad i switched stations since.

    to infinity and beyond….! 🙂

  31. i’ve been a silent rusher since im 16 now that im already 24 mas naiintindhan ko na yung mga topics nyo….congratulations to you Chico and to Del. Thank you for being there. I guess my morning won’t be the same kung wla kau.and i was about to cry nung marinig ko ulit yung closing song nyo..(wer can i download that song?? tagal ko na miss yun eh.. i really love you guys and thanks for always lighten my days and my heavy heart..more power to the show..

  32. oh my gosh you looked clueless 14 years ago, and delle’s hair was short pa!haha
    i guess some people are better off as friends??coz the two of you obviously didn’t end up together. it’s funny when delle gets overly cautious when the two of you get romantic and all. Like when you started calling each other *baby*, she automatically warns you that it stops today, and no *baby* calling the day after. i hope delle finally finds her man, and ako din haha!

  33. Happy Anniversay to The Morning Rush! Cheers to something we all hold on to every morning to get us by through sanity and insanity!

  34. Wow! so most likely I’ve been listening for 14 years and we’ve never met personally?
    Is the time when you’re “away” from RX included there? well, sorry ah
    One thing’s for sure, you never fail to make me smile.
    UNfortunately, there are some days I can’t listen because of school and now work but I always try to tune in when I have the chance (going to work and during off),it’s like therapy.
    Galing nyo and the listeners who contributes.
    God bless and congrats to us all! (sinama talaga :P)

    PS. one of my targets this year is to go to your show, probably december. Thank you!

  35. It seems to me that u two are my friends that ive never met…or have yet to meet. Thanks for the 14 years of funny mornings! Hope to meet u in the future, even just to say thanks!

    • That’s one of my goals too. Sana before the year ends I could go to the station.
      Hopefully, may makasabay na rushers.

      Looking forward to see you guys!

  36. Happy Anniversary Chico and Delle! (kahit belated, humahabol!) I was a silent rusher when I was in Manila last 2006-2007 and now that I’m in Davao, I still listen to you occasionally through eradioportal (if the internet connection permits) or when I get to download podcasts (Thanks to BlueRitz!!). My bff who’s currently working in Manila right now is also tuning in to you everyday. She texts me about your topics and what a blast it is to listen in.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll have more years to celebrate and I hope that I’ll finally get to meet you. Thanks for always brightening up my days and putting a smile on my face.

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