7 comments on “Movie Trailers 2

  1. i super duper love hp series.. like chico napapaiyak nya ko. kahit 5 times ko na nabasa books nya.. hehehe

  2. Chico how ’bout The Last Airbender (although a lot of bad reviews)

    Eat Pray Love?

    And Cinco hehehe

  3. i’m totally with you on that one chix…dinarasal ko nga di pa ako madedo till next july para sa last installment eh…kc u’ll never know di ba? how cruel naman. magmumulto ako talaga. haha.

    sa lahat ng na post mo…i like jason bateman’s and jen’s. i love romcoms. it’s just that nothing in recent memory na i really enjoyed, so parang nakaka frustrate. ung last ata for me eh…ala na…ala na sa memory ko. ;’)

    adjustment bureau & d inception…totally yes! & don’t forget, SALT! bad asses!

    thanks for posting!

  4. @ targrod

    it doesn’t matter kahit 2 parts sya.
    and don’t worry, baka hate ka din ni harry potter.. hehe (wink)
    so the feeling is mutual.. 😉

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