5 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That It’s Time To Break Up

  1. I’ve just broken up….and most of the entries are really true, most especially the top entry.

  2. Hi Chico,

    Every morning I’ve been listening to your morning rush show… you know what… upon hearing your blog site before (that was a month ago) being curious … talagang hinanap ko talaga! At first since my boyfriend is fond of photography natuwa ako sa mga picture na kuha mo… I let him know about your site and amaze din siya… you’re a professional in terms of photography… that was the time din that I envied your blog kaya I created my own… (visit my site one time… it showcases my literary works) and of course version namin ng top ten sa office… most questions are kinuha ko sa top ten… (hahaha copycat) but what’s great about that… we are all learning sa mga entries na sinesend ng bawat isa sa amin sa office. And another… natututo na din sila makinig sa radio show nyo ni Del… Regards to Del!

    Here’s my blog: Petite yet Beautiful (read my emotions) http://www.nizao.wordpress.com

  3. i really like the entry that says, “when silence for the two of you becomes uncomfortable” and “when he calls or texts only when he wants sex.”

    depressing, but TRUE. I didn’t get the chance to listen today, but good thing chico puts the list here at wordpress. The list helped me realize that my exboyfriend is really worth leaving. Love you guys.

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