10 comments on “The Top Ten Signs That You Are A Weirdo

  1. Napaka weird nga tlg ng am0y ng maduming ref, at nagnnibble ng tsinelas, iba tlg s pakiramdam nangilab0t aq. .

  2. When I ate more than one type of “ulam” i only eat one at a time…so pag ubos na yung manok…tsaka ako mag si-sinigang…na dapat malinis yung plate ko…ayoko kasing naghahalo halo sila sa plate

    I get sleepy when i listen to my favorite type of music…house, rock, loud music…di ako nakakatulog sa mga love songs and cello music that i always play at work (Yo-Yo Ma and Departure OST)…maybe because comfortable ako sa music ko kaya nakakatulog

  3. Re: #6, I thought I was the lone weirdo who did that 😀 I’ve actually decided what to throw to would-be robbers — heels and the fan. LOL

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