52 comments on “Sisiman Bay, Bataan

    • hehe i don’t have the right to teach, i’m just learning myself. i can recommend great workshops if you like!

  1. hi chico. i really admire youre work. quick question: do you shoot your black and white photos in monochrome, or shoot them with color then photoshop it? which is better? thanks and more power to you and delle. 🙂

    • i shoot them in infrared, which would give it a reddish-brown tint. then i just de-saturate them using lightroom. i’m sure shooting in b&w is better, but i just do it this way. i don’t really shoot in b&w.

  2. nice photos chico.. the reason why i keep on coming back to your site… idol.. keep on posting 🙂

    regards to del.. missing TMR

  3. i loved the “quite sunrise yet, but not evening any longer”… ganda.. loveeeett!! ibang klase un.. hehe.. palakpakaaaaannnnnn!!!

  4. i love scrolling the page down slowly. only after reading each paragraph you wrote. twas like you where writing with emotions and you have the pictures to show those emotions. konti nalang, i would be convinced na chico is a very good writer as well.

    i just started reading your blog so i dont know if youve made something like this before, but this, for me, seemed like a short story which had words to describe and pictures to show the author’s emotions.

    “the challenge was to take as many different ways to present the subject — happy, sad, angry, etc. ” I am not a professional photographer but i commend you for winning the challenge presented.

    im starting to love your blog.

  5. Hey chico nice shots… anu’ng setting ang gamit mo.. at anung tphotoshop technique for post production ginawa mo..tips naman bro…

    • mostly aperture priority lang for the day shots. for the sunrise shots, i used my nd grads and my nd 400. for the post processing, mostly cropping lang and some contrast adjustments.

    • haha naku, i’m in no position to teach! maybe you guys can enroll in photoworks, that’s where my passion for photography was lit! having a great teacher like leo castillo can spell the difference between catching the bug or not.

  6. nice shots…promise, everytime i visit your site and see your shots inspires me to do photography too…i think i’ll do when i get home! keep em coming!

  7. “..we can’t wait for our next photo trip destination.”

    have you heard about Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan? about 2 hours drive from Balanga.

  8. you’re so good! really. loved seeing the different “moods” of the lighthouse through your pictures. beautiful. God bless your talent more! 🙂

    • thanks! that was exactly our goal, to take different “moods” because we only have one subject.

  9. hi sir chico! you are so talented! im definitely not an art critic, but i know talent when i see one 😀 not just this set, but also the other sets! keeps getting better.

    • yeah, i guess it’s mainly because the lighthouse has been abandoned and is falling to pieces. we’re glad we caught it before the elements claimed it.

  10. Ang tindi nito ah… Para syang painting. Ang galing mo talaga Chico. You’re my idol. I am not into photography but I very much like Arts. You made me appreciate more about our beautiful country. Thank you.

    • aw, thank you! we’d really love to capture the beauty of the philippines during our travels!

  11. Dear Chico,

    Kailan kayo nagpunta dito sa Bataan?
    Sayang sana na organisa ko ang chico and del fan club- bataan chapter na ma meet ka.
    Next time let us know pag palik mo dito.

    • hehe sure! maybe you can suggest some other nice places we can shoot landscapes like the one we did at sisiman bay!

  12. niceeeee… parang set ng movies na iba iba ang tema… may love story, may horror, may pang harry potter!

  13. hi chico, great shots! i’m from bataan but i never appreciated this ’til place now 🙂

    • well, a lot of the places we shoot are really photogenic. the cove is really nice, but all around it, mostly mountainsides being mined. i can imagine how beautiful it originally was, before all that mining ravaged the shoreline.

    • very little. mostly cropping. because with some of the shots, especially the sunrise shots, i used some neutral density filters already to even out the exposure and to bring out the colors.

  14. great shots, chico! do you have a fans club? count me in ;p great writing too! kudos!
    quick question, how’d you embed your name on your pics? i hate it when the site where i post my pics get stamped with their name on it.

  15. feeling ko, yung photos 3 and4 ay parang poster sa harry potter ahehehe
    ang ganda, chico!

  16. Hello sir! I just stumbled upon your shots while searching for sisiman pictures. It was really really amazing!!!! You’re one heck of a photographer. A truly gifted one. The color edits are superb, the angles are perfect. By the way, I’m from Mariveles. When we go there at the light house, we were only able to take simple shots. Yours made it look like a breath-taking view of an additonal wonder of the world!



  17. Mario Hernandez invited me to visit the place, I am going to Mt. Pulag tomorrow with my DLS CSB a.b. photography students, after the climb I will surely see the place. thanks

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  19. Just wondering how to get there…I heard that the lighthouse was ruined during the Pedring storm in 2011…still want to take photos of the shoreline..so hope you can tell me how to get to Sisiman bay.

    • wow, devastated that it was completely destroyed. but you know what, we actually got lost so many times trying to find that lighthouse. we kept going along the coastline not knowing we missed it from the very start. we hired a van to take us there, so i’m really not the person to ask because i’m horrible with directions. let me try to ask one of my friends who was with me, maybe he can help with the directions.

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