25 comments on “Kahit Ilang Tinik Ay Kaya Kong Tapakan…

  1. despite all these misfortunes, i still do hope you had a great time in our province chico…God bless!

  2. Hey Chico, I just noticed that you’re wearing GMA Survivor sandals! Are those promotional materials only….or you joined? hehe

  3. I guess you really experience the “no gain, no pain” saying. As you’ve said you got great shots of the aimed subject… looking forward see your shots, Chico Ü

    Next time, “magpapaalam” ka na ha? Kahit in mind lang. Totoo man ‘yun o hindi 😉

  4. Hi, Chico. I hope you’re feeling a lot better. Unsolicited advice from me: when things are not going your way and feel all the negative vibes, try to get a salt bath/ salt scrub to “wash away” the bad aura. Salt is a natural healing mineral. I even tweaked it a bit by keeping a small container with salt in my office desk. So, whenever things get awful, I sprinkle salt to my workplace. It somehow works. 🙂

  5. Hey Chico, if the title of your entry is patterned after the song, it should read as “kahit na ilang tinik ay kaya kong tapakan…” (there should be a “na”) hehe… 🙂

  6. kasi naman, may rusher na taga-mariveles bataan who asked (on the show last saturday) “where in bataan/subic are you guys heading?”…e di sana hindi na kayo nagkaligaw-ligaw papuntang sisiman! ;p not everybody knows that there’s an old light house in sisiman, tanging mga tunay na taga-mariveles lang.

    i hope the wounds on your feet are already healed. e ang bukol sa ulo wala na ba? i hope so! looking forward for the pix! =)

    btw, did you guys know that there’s a magnetic hill/field in mariveles just like the one in los baños? it’s somewhere near MAAP (Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific) in brgy. alas-asin.

    • eto pala ang tinik na ikinukwento mo last week. Yung inawat ka pa talaga ni DEL. Hahahaha.. SObrang sakit talaga siguro at na lost ka kakakwento…hehehehe

    • they were saying nga that there’s 3 in the area! only one in sisman bay, but there were 2 more daw but a bit far off. could you suggest other areas that you think would be good to shoot landscape photography?

  7. Hi Chico

    my name is Sid from Los Angeles. I just would like to know what camera you are using and what model? I am assuming that it is a Canon dslr. Maybe Canon 70d? or Mark II?

    • i own 3 cameras – 2 dslrs, the nikon d40x and the nikon d90, and a point and shoot, the canon d10 for the watershots.

  8. sorry sorry i found myself laughing so hard on the bukol part and that picture, oh my god, it made me laugh soooo bad!!! di ba sachi!? kakafunny!

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